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Dreaming of Field Snails

  • Dreaming of picking up snails and screws in the water, which indicates that the income will increase and there will be wealth.
  • Dreaming of eating snails, indicating that the body may appear small tsutsugamushi, should pay attention to rest.
  • Pregnant women dreams of eating snails, so you should be careful at this time. This dream actually means that your body will have health problems. At the same time, it is also to remind pregnant women to pay attention to the health of their mother and children, as well as the health of their families.
  • Pregnant women dream of many snails, which means that your life will be very rich and happy, but also implies that your career will be smooth, after the arrival of your baby's life will be better.
  • Dreaming of snail, also said that out of the door can not be smooth, there will be bad news in life.
  • Going out patients dream of snail, the condition will not improve in a short time.
  • The traveling businessman dreamed that the snail business would lose money.
  • Pregnant women dream of picking up snails and screws, which is a good dream of prosperity! It indicates that your income will increase and your wealth will be very prosperous. If you like to buy lottery tickets, it is suggested that you might as well buy one to try your luck.
  • Pregnant women dream of some fish and snails, which means that you will be happy with everything, everything you want. At the same time, it also implies that your interpersonal relationship is very good and your popularity is good. You will be recognized in your life and work.
  • Pregnant women dream of snails and snakes, which means that you are pregnant with a baby boy. This baby boy will come soon, and it also means that your baby will be a top person in the future.