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Dreaming of flags

Flags are used to convey a message to others.

  • A man dreams of flags indicates good news.
  • To dream of the half-mast indicates pain and suffering.
  • A young girl dreams of flags flying high indicates that she will marry a man of figure.
  • To dream of sending flags to others indicates that you will surrender to your lover and become a slave in love.
  • A prisoner dreams of flags indicates that the dreamer will be released soon.
  • A married woman dreams of flags indicates that she will be separated from her husband for long time.
  • To dream of a yellow flag indicates prospering business.
  • To dream of a three color flag indicates worries and bad luck.
  • To dream of a half moon flag indicates harmonious family.
  • To dream of signaling by semaphore indicates that you will sever relations with old friends.