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Dreaming of gems

  • A woman dreams of gems indicates good omen.
  • A man dreams of gems indicates bad luck.
  • A man dreams of buying gems indicates that his property will be robbed by bandits.
  • A woman dreams of wearing gems indicates that her family of grandmother and grandfather will have a wedding.
  • A thief or robber dreams of gems indicates that the dreamer will be put into prison.

Gems were buried in the underground hundreds of years or thousands of years ago, representing the magic of nature, but also the lucky gifts of nature. Usually, dreaming of gems mostly indicates that the dreamer will be pregnant, if dreaming of colorless gems indicates that the dreamer will give birth to a boy. Contrarily, the dreamer will give birth to a girl. In addition, dreaming of shining gems indicates that you will get a windfall. Wish you have a lot of gold and silver gems in your dream tonight.