Dream of having a boy


Dream of having a son has good luck. The son represents family succession. It is a symbol of good luck and life will be happy.

I dreamed that I had a boy and money was common. The income of pocket money is stable, and the amount of expenditure is getting smaller and smaller & hellip& hellip; Therefore, money is relatively rich, which is a great opportunity to save money.

Dream of others having boys, life will be happy and comfortable.

Dream of a father to be giving birth to a boy. The more familiar things are, the easier it is for you to make mistakes. Although there is no lack of experience of failure, periodic amnesia will occur again.

Dream of a lover giving birth to a boy indicates that the interpersonal relationship is very smooth. Action and decision-making will drive the people around you, but you can't go too far, otherwise it will arouse the disgust of others.

I dreamed that my sister-in-law had a boy and could succeed with the help of her relatives.

Dream that my sister-in-law has a boy, the luck of friends will rise, and will be loved by friends or colleagues.

Different people dream of having a boy

Women dream that they will have a boy, which means they will live a happy and comfortable life.

When a man dreams that his wife has a boy, he will be promoted, paid more, or won a prize.

Unmarried men dream that they have a boy and that their money is in bad luck.

Men dream of giving birth to a boy. They have a safe trip and are accompanied by friends.

Unmarried people dream of having a boy, which means that recent relationships are unstable. New relationships often occur in working together. Being single is expected to be appreciated by colleagues of the opposite sex. If you have a partner, it's easy to ignore each other because of work. Your partner will inevitably vent his emotions to you, so pay more attention.

Adults dream of having a boy, which indicates that in terms of health, their physical condition is still weak, and an irritating diet is more likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, so women should pay more attention to the health of ovaries and uterus.

The old man dreamed of having a boy, which means that your luck will decline in the near future. There may be danger. Be careful. Your luck is full of twists and turns.