Dream of having a dog

I dream of having a dog. In case of disaster, I can prove that my family is my best helper.

I dream of having dogs and cats. I'm lucky and complacent, but I'm not complacent. If I'm too relaxed and arrogant, I'll have trouble. Be careful of being cheated and beware of fire.

Dreaming of having a famous dog indicates that the dreamer has stable property and income, and is not afraid of devaluation or economic depression

Dreaming that he has many dogs means that the dreamer may have a large family and career, or must take care of many businesses at the same time. He will feel a little powerless

Dream of keeping a dog, there will be a dispute within the company recently.

I dreamed that raising a dog is also very close to me, which indicates that the financial fortune has declined recently, the previous investment will fail due to some changes, and your family will give you financial support.

Dreaming that your dog is dead indicates that something strange and pleasant will happen to you in the near future. Remember not to get too excited and avoid losing too much for small things.

Dreaming of your dog biting yourself indicates that you may get sick in the near future. Pay more attention to your health and remember not to overwork.