Dream of hair loss

  • Dream of hair loss, hair loss, indicates that the body is going to have a problem, should do early examination and physical recuperation.
  • Dreaming of a lot of hair loss means sadness and sadness. Hair is bad luck, that is to say, your bad luck has lasted for a long time. It has become not only a worry imposed by the outside world, but also a torture that you can't get rid of in your heart. At this time, you will be completely defeated by bad luck. If you want to improve the situation, you can only start with your own heart.
  • Dream of combing your hair and losing your hair means combing your bad luck. If you can handle bad things in an orderly way, life will be happy and comfortable.
  • Dream of pulling hair, means to reduce the psychological burden by dreaming.

Different people dream of hair loss

  • Men dream of combing their hair and losing their hair, which indicates a happy life without troubles.
  • Unmarried women dream of losing their hair, which means they are worried about marriage or their feelings are not smooth.
  • The old man dreamed that his hair was messy and lost, which implied that misfortune would happen to his children and grandchildren.
  • Single people dream of losing their hair, variable relationships, bad relationships with their lovers, emotional autistic tendencies, and avoiding communication with each other. There has been no substantial progress in your situation, but your expectations of feelings have become unrealistic.
  • Young people dream of losing their hair, which indicates that their throat may be inflamed, their body begins to get fat, and pay attention to the light diet.
  • Women dream of losing their hair, which indicates that they are going away.