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Dreaming of hair loss

Dreaming of hair loss indicate that you may have some physical problems, you'd better do physical examination early and take good care of yourself.

  • Dreaming of a lot of hair loss indicate sadness. Hair loss represents bad luck, that is to say, your bad luck has been going on for a long time, the troubles have not only imposed from outside, but also become the inner torment unable to get rid of. At this point, you will be defeated completely. You can only start from your own heart in order to improve the situation.
  • Dreaming of losing hair when combing your hair means that you are combing bad luck. As long as you can handle the bad things well enough, then you will live a happy and comfortable life.
  • A man dreams of losing hair when combing his hair indicates that he will live a happy life without trouble.
  • An unmarried woman dreams of hair loss indicates that she will worry about her marriage,  her love luck is not very satisfactory.
  • An old person dreams of hair loss indicates that the children and grandchildren will encounter the unfortunate event.
  • Dreaming of pulling hair indicate that you do such a dream to reduce the psychological burden.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of hair loss indicates that she'd better pay attention to her unborn child's health, she needs to improve the current living conditions.