Dream of hair cutting, hair cutting


Hair is trouble silk, winding is not smooth, so dreaming of cutting hair is to clean up trouble, which is a good omen.

  • Dream of cutting off your hair, then it means that you have to quarrel with your good friends or relatives. The responsibility lies with you! Dream of cutting your hair is the other party, so the reason for the quarrel is the other party.
  • Dream of strangers cutting your hair, is to quarrel with strangers, but find that your hair is not less, that is, you have not suffered any loss, the quarrel is all right, you will be all right!
  • Dream of hair being cut is a sign of wealth.
  • Dream of hair being cut during the day, can make a fortune.
  • Dream of hair being cut at night, there will be bad news.
  • Women dream that their hair is cut to prevent gynecological inflammation.
  • Dreaming of others cutting their hair is a good sign and will be promoted. But dreaming of others cutting their hair means poverty and serious illness.
  • Men dream that cutting hair will bring good luck, while women dream that cutting hair is a sign of widowhood.