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Dreaming of losing job

  • Dreaming of losing job indicates that your work pressure will increase, there may be more difficult challenges, you'd better be prepared to meet the difficulties with the best state.
  • Dreaming of your friend losing job indicates that you might be affected by your friend's fault or loss, it is the time to support your friend.
  • Dreaming of your enemy losing job indicates that you will defeat your enemy, you are able to use legitimate means to fight and become the final winner.
  • A businessman dreams of losing job indicates that he will meet difficulties in business, he'd better handle properly, otherwise he may fail.
  • A patient dreams of losing job indicates that bad things may happen recently and let the dreamer overwhelmed.
  • A staff member dreams of losing job indicates that heavy work pressure may make the dreamer unpleasant and want to quit the job.
  • Dreaming of your wife losing job indicates that how do you treat others, others will treat you as the same. The best thing you can do is to feel for others! If you can do anything fairly, the opposite sex will regard you with special esteem and take initiative to communicate with you.
  • Dreaming of your husband losing job indicates that you'd better let your power go down the situation! You have been unremitting efforts, so your friends trust you very much, you will be easier to achieve your goals. But remember not to affect the normal rest, recently your physical health will be prone to have neurasthenia, insomnia and other sleeping problems, you must pay attention!