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Dreaming of light

The light in a dream usually represents hope, truth, spiritual insight, refreshing new ideas, new insights.

  • Dreaming of brilliant light indicate that you will become rich and have good luck.
  • Dreaming of brilliant light indicate that you are very happy and have full of hope.
  • Dreaming of dim and soft light indicate that you can enjoy a warm love and happy life. 
  • Dreaming of brilliant sunlight indicate lasting prosperity.
  • Dreaming of light issued on moonlight indicate that you will live a happy life.
  • Dreaming of light from the end of the tunnel indicate that you will walk out of difficult times and haze, overcome difficulties and win success.
  • Dreaming of high light indicate that you may have some troubles or confusions in life and your heart, you may need the external guidance, or you will get insight mentally.
  • Dreaming of a beam of light like spotlight or an arc light beam indicate that problems that have plagued you for a long time will suddenly be solved.
  • Dreaming of bright lights in front of you, letting you view fuzzy, you want to see the light behind the things, but you could not see, or dreaming of light burning eyes indicate that you may have some problems of vision, you may have eyes disease. You may as well go to see the doctor.
  • Dreaming of light becoming dim suddenly indicate that you may encounter setbacks in life, you'd better have psychological preparation.