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Dreaming of moving house

Interpretations of the dream of moving by Oriental Dream Interpretation

  • Dreaming of moving house indicate that hard time is coming or new lover will appear.
  • A young person in love dreams of moving indicates that the dreamer wants to build a family or the dreamer thinks of moving too much by daytime.
  • An officer dreams of moving indicates that dreamer will cross the river and go into battle soon.
  • Dreaming of moving to a new house indicate that you will be lucky in making friends.
  • Dreaming of ants moving indicate that you will travel abroad, also live in foreign country.
  • Dreaming of relatives moving represent “disharmony between family". The relatives in the dream indicate that the dreamer lacks of effective communication. You'd better deal with family problems properly.
  • Dreaming of your company moving indicate that you are serous. You may think that the work brings too much pressure to you, or you are not able to adapt to the company's working environment, or the work that you are currently engaged in is not fun, so you may want to change the current situation, to change the job or company and so on,
  • Dreaming of moving to a big and good house indicate that you have full of hope, you may want to actively change the current situation, you will live a happier life through your efforts,
  • Dreaming of moving to a small and dirty house indicate bad change or backward.

Interpretations of the dream of moving by Psychology Dream Interpretation

"The home" in the dream represents the current situation of life. "Dreaming of moving" indicate that the current life will be changed, in general, and the important things that are related to the dreamer, such as work, career, lovers or friends, etc., the dreamer may want to change the current situation through changing a good environment subconsciously. Dreaming of "moving" also indicate "escape", perhaps the dreamer encountered a number of annoying things, so dream of "moving" indicate that you want to escape.