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Dreaming of Partridge

Partridge cries very sadly, it is a symbol of sorrow. Dreaming of a partridge indicate that you are very sad. 

  • A woman dreams of a partridge indicates that she will be separated from her husband and eat her heart out.
  • Dreaming of the partridge soaring in the sky indicate that all worries will disappear.
  • Dreaming of the partridge flying away from your own hands indicate the failed lawsuit.
  • Dreaming of the partridge eat bugs indicate that you will make enemies everywhere and lead sorrow for yourself.
  • Dreaming of feeding bugs to the partridge indicate that you will be worried because of the loss of money.
  • Dreaming of putting the partridge in the cage indicate that you will suffer losses because of their own mistakes.
  • Dreaming of putting the partridge out of the cage indicate that you'll freed from sorrow.
  • Dreaming of giving the partridge to others indicate that you will pay off debts for your parents.