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Dreaming of Playing A Ball

  • If you dreamed of playing a ball, you would Inherit family property. If you dreamed of playing football, you would be lucky and healthy.
  • If a man dreamed of playing tennis, he would have extra charge and lose money.
  • If a married woman dreamed of playing tennis, she and her children would be healthy.
  • If an unmarried woman dreamed of playing tennis, she would marry a man with different personality.
  • If a student dreamed of playing a ball, the dreamer could not pass the exam.
  • If a businessman dreamed of batting, he would make huge money and get double profits.
  • If you dreamed of the other people playing football, you would live a happy life.
  • If you dreamed of a football match, you would get people's love and become prominent.
  • If a student dreamed of a tennis match, you would get everyone's approval due to your noble character.
  • If a soccer player dreamed of playing football, the dreamer suffer defeat.
  • If you dreamed of being hurt by a ball, this is a good omen. You would get windfall and your status quo of life would be greatly changed.
  • If you dreamed of playing table tennis, you would have conflict with your workmates for some little things.
  • If you dreamed of doing business in balls, your life would be dogged by bad luck, you would live a hard life.
  • The player only got a fancy title. 
  • If a man dreamed of kicking a ball, he would be very versatile.
  • If a woman dreamed of kicking a ball, she would have chance to have dinner with friends.
  • If you dreamed of a lion ball, you would have a lot of money and good luck.
  • If you dreamed of hitting a ball with people, you would encounter combat or dispute.