Dream of flying ball and balloon

Balloons are dangerous. They float upward until they explode. In dreams, balloons mean that danger comes from having no foundation.

  • Dream of balloons, something unfortunate will happen.
  • Dream of flying ball, work or business to lose.
  • Dreaming of a burning balloon is a sign of death.
  • Dreaming of blowing balloons means that your plan is too big and inappropriate, which may make you bankrupt. We should try to attract as many partners as possible, which can not only share the losses, but also continuously improve the plan.
  • Dream of putting balloons, which means you may encounter danger and need to be careful.
  • Dream of sitting in a hot-air balloon, will endure hunger.
  • Dream of the balloon flying, the relationship between family members needs you to spend more time. Recently, you are easy to fall into the embarrassing situation of sandwich people. The backs of your hands and palms are all meat. You should be careful. The most undesirable thing is to watch the excitement, which will only make the situation worse!

Different people dream of balloons

  • Men dream of taking a hot-air balloon, which indicates a chance to travel. Be careful and dangerous. It's best to cancel it.
  • When the interviewer dreams of sitting in a hot-air balloon, he will interview for a job: there will be surprises in the job search, and he should be optimistic in the face of difficulties. In addition, good mental outlook and proper etiquette can add points to you.
  • The staff dreamed of balloons, indicating that the work was not going well.
  • Businessmen dream of balloons, business will fail.