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Dreaming of Quails

Quails aways run in couples and depend on each other, so they symbolize that family reunion.

  • A married woman dreams of quails indicates that she will meet her husband.
  • Lovers dream of quails indicate that they will be dating frequently.
  • Dreaming of quails flying away from the tree indicate that happiness will pass, bad luck will befall.
  • The quail in the dream does not cry, indicating that there may be a risk of business depression, but it will succeed in the end.
  • Dreaming of dead quail indicate that they may suffer from hunger and poverty or misfortune.
  • Dream of Quail in pairs, indicating family reunion.
  • A dream of quail is a sign of wealth.
  • A married woman dreams of quail, indicating that she will meet her husband. Lovers dream of quail, indicating that they will often date their sweetheart.
  • Dreaming of quail flying away from the tree, indicating the end of good luck, life will be covered with shadow, encounter difficulties and misfortunes.