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Dreaming of streaking

  • Dreaming of streaking indicates that you deliberately refuse to communicate with others, you are some stubborn and suspicious, but you have a strong desire to make friends in heart.
  • Dreaming of being naked in the street indicates that you hope to remove the cover, show your real side to others without reservation.
  • Dreaming of streaking yourself indicates that you just want to vent your feelings.
  • Dreaming of being naked in public area indicates that you are afraid of being misunderstood by others, you are open-minded and frank with others.
  • A woman dreams of being naked indicates good luck.
  • A woman dreams of her husband being naked indicates that she may quarrel with her husband.
  • Dreaming of a woman´╝łaside from your wife) being naked indicates that you will get windfall, you'd better use carefullly.
  • Dreaming of a naked man indicates that you will be sad.
  • Dreaming of your wife or girlfriend being naked indicates that the feeling between spouses will become very cold.
  • Dreaming of being naked indicates poverty and shame.
  • Dreaming of being naked in the streets indicates heavy losses.
  • Dreaming of talking with Adamite indicates that your physical condition will become increasingly poor, you'd better pay more attention to your health.
  • Dreaming of being naked in front of others indicates a bad omen.
  • Dreaming of others being naked indicates that you may fall into the other's trap.
  • Dreaming of a child being naked indicates a good omen.
  • A businessman dreams of being naked indicates that he will succeed in businss and make a lot of money.