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Dreaming about airplanes

  • To dream of airplanes indicates that you will go travelling or start a new plan or see the long-awaited relatives soon.
  • To dream of taking a plane indicates that you will get an enviable success, your status will be upgraded and live a rich life, but sometimes you may be a little busy. In addition, such a dream may also indicate that someone in your family may die or you will receive messages from far away.
  • To dream of taking a plane with your friends indicates that you will succeed in business in combination and you will share the joy of success with your friends.
  • To dream of the plane taking off indicates that you may begin to carry out a risky plan.
  • To dream of the plane landing indicates that your plan or an important event has achieved the expected success, your research has finally got results too.
  • To dream of driving a plane indicates that your heart is full of adventure, you pursue the free, independent and passionate life.
  • To dream of looking down from the small window of the plane indicates that you may be depressed by love, you may not receive the expected return when you declare your love to to the sweetheart and feel worried.
  • To dream of a plane sailing on the water like a naval vessel indicates an unexpected happiness.
  • To dream of a plane disappearing in the clouds indicates that it is hard to put your desire into actiion. 
  • To dream of your plane being hijacked means your fear of flying, a woman has such a dream may indicate her fear of sexual violence or rape.
  • To dream of plane crash usually reflects the too stressful normal life.
  • To dream of your place falling down reminds you to beware of fraud, or commercial fraud, otherwise you will suffer huge losses.
  • A man dreams of his plane falling down and exploding indicates his fear of impotence and sexuality.
  • To dream of flying on the bed or chair indicates your desire for adventure, but you do not want to be too radical, unwilling to mediocrity, you do not want to break the conventional nor abandon the comfortable enjoyment either.