The prediction of dreaming of a plane crash

Dreaming of plane crash is not a good thing, the emergence of such a dream maybe the dreamer encountered some unhappy things in real life. Takeoff means entering an unpredictable danger, landed means passing through the dangerous period successfully. Well, what is the prediction of  dreaming of plane crash?

The dream of the aircraft usually represents the "target" and "travel", while the dream of plane crash represents "concerns" and "Hope" psychological. If you haven't encountered a major accident recently, so this dream only represents you are "worrying" reality, such as job dissatisfaction, love is not smooth, wealth fortune is not smooth etc. This situation is relatively better, but also you need to make appropriate adjustment.

In addition, "there is another meaning of plane crash in the dream, you have undergone significant changes or are about to undergo a major change, such as brokenhearted, unemployment, divorce and so on, it is the reaction of the unpleasant realities in the dream..

Other interpretations for crash dream:

  • Dreaming of a plane crash, predicts that a great calamity is at hand.
  • Dreaming of plane (plane crash) is suggesting that you do not expect too much, your dreams may come to nothing, don't take all bets are offered. On the other hand, if it is at eve of going abroad that you dreamed of plane crash, because you worry too much, can go to the temple to pray for peace.
  • Dreaming of plane crash in your plane, predicts that you will be cheated by someone else's blandishments, or encounter fraud, money will be lost, so you need to be careful, don't be cheated by some bad people of your money because of a momentary greed.
  • Dreaming of plane crash predicts that the dreamer's recent wealth fortune is recending, should be patient, and waiting for an opportunity.
  • singles dreamed of plane crashed, which predicts that the recent love is not very well.
  • Women dreamed of plane crash, which indicates recently the dreamer will have good luck. Everything will be fine.