What constellation women are the most difficult to be defeated by the third party?

First: Scorpio

【Husband ranked first】

The talented Scorpio woman will be definitely a good partner of her husband in business and life, she loves you so much and gives you good advice. She can assume responsibility like man, but she is also very gentle and facete. It is more important that she is eager to love her husband, and she will take the lead to help her husband, she will give all the resources to her husband. It is really very lucky to marry such a woman. Scorpio woman is unlike the traditional women, she does not need protection, in turn, she can even protect her husband and do everything she can to contribute. (Reference to the sun or the moon sign)

Second: Aries

【work hard externally, remember the old friendship internally】

Aries woman will try her best to manage her marriage. She seems unconcerned, but actually she is very nostalgic, and she can take great sense of responsibility and never complains. She is both sentimental, rational and talented. In addition to around take good care of the family, she never forgets to operate the love with her husband. In addition to maintain the marriage and appearance, her mind has grown up with her husband, she is getting better and better. She will become her husband's best baby.( Reference to the sun or moon sign)

Third: Taurus

【Calm, huge presence】

If you have a Taurus wife, you will always feel your family is calm and stable. She has firm willpower, she is ambitious for her husband and can devote the full support to her husband. You will know she always trusts you, she is always willing to wait for you. She always defends her marriage and family, no one dares to threaten. But Taurus is not always the same, as long as you do not let her "disappointed". When she complains about any trouble, you'd better listen to carefully. If you ignored her feeling, she might leave you one day. (Reference to the sun or moon sign)

Fourth: Virgo

【Be willing to sacrifice, no regrets】

Although a Virgo woman was a delicately pretty lady in girlhood, she will follow the man she married and get ready to endure hardship and work hard (even if she married into a wealthy family, she would still find a lot of drudgery to make herself busy). She can pay attention to all sides of a matter and take her responsibility seriously, she is always willing to sacrifice for her husband without any regrets (although she is sometimes nagging). Her husband will not know what to do if she is not at home one day. (Reference to the sun or moon sign.)

Fifth: Cancer

【attract the elders, neighbors, family】

Cancer woman not only plays the role of the good wife, but also plays a diverse roles of the good mother, good wife, good daughter, good accounting, good housekeeper, live sign ... and so on. Virtually her husband is surrounded by her, her virtuous image is deeply rooted in the will of the people. When all the relatives and neighbors support her, does her husband still have the guts to find someone else to replace her? (Reference to the sun or moon sign.)