Dream of clock

The sound of the clock is pleasant and can spread far away, representing good news and better reputation. The clock in the dream usually symbolizes time, age and sense of urgency, and evokes the short-lived emotions and feelings for life.

Dreaming of clocks and watches means that the dreamer recently strongly feels the value of time and the ruthlessness of the passage of time; Or realize the urgency of something, there will be problems in time.

Dream of & ldquo; Tick & rdquo; The walking alarm clock indicates that the dreamer has the spirit of dedication to his career.

Dreaming of the alarm clock ringing, on the one hand, is a sign of inner tension. Maybe you have to get up early, but you are always worried about missing the alarm clock; On the other hand, dreaming of the alarm clock ringing for no reason may be a warning that the dreamer will be in danger.


However, no matter how you look at it, the scale on the watch is not clear, indicating your inner anxiety about time or completing tasks. It is possible that there is too much work pressure, which makes dreamers worry that things are progressing with half the effort.

Dreaming that the clock stops, it may suggest that the dreamer may have some emotional indifference in the near future, and even look indifferent when he loses his relatives.



The clock in the dream represents the concept of time. Dreaming of buying a clock or seeing a clock shows that you are a person with a strong sense of time. The ticking of the clock in your dream reminds you to hurry up and don't waste your time. Dream of winding the clock, indicating a happy relationship. In addition, the dream about watches is a symbol of good work and emotional happiness.