Avoid hanging clock above the door


Although the clock is used to tell time, but from the point of view of traditional Chinese feng shui, we have taboos on suspension and placement. For example, usually friends do not send the clock for gift, for the harmonic tone of "clock" is "end". If you really want to send clock, you'd better change the name. If a man sent a watch to a woman in love, the man could only say "send you a timer". Similarly, if you want to send a beautiful clock to a good friend who moved to a new house, you should also use such a statement, otherwise, your friend might misunderstand.

If you have been hanging a clock at home or office, you'd better make sure if you are hanging above the door. If so, then it is unfortunate, you are "winning", because you get out of the door every day, whether it is the door or room door, you access once, which means the end of your career, wealth, emotional and health. How can you have good luck?

You must not hang clock above the door. Then you may ask: what places are suitable for displaying clock on earth? Strictly speaking, the placement of the clock depends on the size and position of the room, and you'd better also think of the clock size, texture, color and so on. However, there is one of the most simple rule for your reference:

Centered on human-being, you'd better hang clock at opposite side of obove the left-hand side, which usually is in line with the principle of feng shui (geomancy). For example, if you are sitting on the sofa of the living room, the clock should appear on the left-hand side of your opposite TV wall. If you are lying in bed, the small clock should be placed on your left side of the nightstand, and big clock should be placed on the left side of your opposite wall.

Personal office is as well. If there are a lot of people in a large office, you'd better place the clock on the left side of the opposite wall of the office staff.

The position of Science principle is that the clock should only be placed at Qinglong orientation, and must not be placed at white tiger orientation. If you found your wealth and career were not good, in addition to explore Dwelling feng shui, but also you'd better make sure if you've placed your clock at wrong direction at home or office.

The five yellow disaster star would fly to the east of the house, you'd better place a ticking clock at the east of the house to resolve five yellow evil spirits, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by mistakes. Remember: Feng Shui is omnipresent!