Give full play to the human body's maximum potential according to the beat of "natural clock"

Scientists have done experiments: training newborn children to swim, and it was found that they swim better than normal people. It seems that people are born with great potential, but as people grow up, some people gradually forget how to use them. Let's understand the maximum potential schedule of the human body. From early morning to late night, we can give full play to the maximum potential of the human body by cooperating with and making use of this natural physical clock and dancing according to the beat of the natural clock.

Human natural clock and maximum potential schedule

7 a.m. & mdash& mdash; Sober & mdash& mdash; From dream to reality, the body has the highest sensitivity.

8:00 & mdash& mdash; Sex & mdash& mdash; The human body has the strongest desire at this time.

9:00 & mdash& mdash; Good response & mdash& mdash; At this time, preventive injection has the best effect and low side effects.

10:00 & mdash& mdash; Plan work & mdash& mdash; It will have the highest work efficiency in a short time.

11:00 & mdash& mdash; Creativity & mdash& mdash; The body is awake, which is the most creative and computational moment of the human brain.

12 noon & mdash& mdash; Gastric induction & mdash& mdash; The stomach is making acid. It's time to eat.

13 p.m. & mdash& mdash; Lunch break & mdash& mdash; People who have nap habits should rest, reducing the incidence rate of heart disease by 30%.

14:00 & mdash& mdash; Comfortable & mdash& mdash; The human body has the lowest sensitivity to pain and is the best time to see the dentist.

15:00 & mdash& mdash; Learning ability & mdash& mdash; The learning effect is 10% better than 9 a.m.

16 hours & mdash& mdash; Exercise & mdash& mdash; At this time, the physical response is the best. You can do more physical training.

17:00 & mdash& mdash; Low tide & mdash& mdash; People's mood is the worst at this time of the day, and some people have begun to fight it with alcohol.

18:00 & mdash& mdash; Disputes & mdash& mdash; For some arguments, the best settlement can be found at this time.

19 PM & mdash& mdash; Handicraft time & mdash& mdash; The best handicrafts are finished at this time.

20:00 & mdash& mdash; Pharmacodynamic response & mdash& mdash; When taking antibiotics at this time, the efficacy can reach 4 a.m. with the same dosage, but the effect is the greatest.

21:00 & mdash& mdash; Enjoy the human body & mdash& mdash; At this time, the five senses feel the strongest.

22:00 & mdash& mdash; Relax & mdash& mdash; Should rest, the body's response weakened, try to reduce smoking.

23:00 & mdash& mdash; Labor pains & mdash& mdash; Most babies are born from 23 a.m. to 4 a.m.

24 midnight & mdash& mdash; Lost soul & mdash& mdash; The concentration of human attention is weakened, and car accidents are more likely to occur. Night owls have a creative climax at this time.

1 a.m. & mdash& mdash; Dream & mdash& mdash; One and a half to two hours after falling asleep is when you sleep deeply and easily fall asleep.

2 hours & mdash& mdash; Cold feeling & mdash& mdash; At this time, the human body is most sensitive to temperature. Cover the quilt to avoid catching cold.

3 hours & mdash& mdash; Dangerous time & mdash& mdash; From 3:00 to 4:00 in the morning, there was a low tide of spirit and body, and many suicides occurred.

4 hours & mdash& mdash; Feeling helpless & mdash& mdash; The sky is gray and people feel as if they are bound.

5:00 & mdash& mdash; Nasal sensation & mdash& mdash; Patients with hay fever or cold have a strong reaction at this time.

6 hours & mdash& mdash; Preparation & mdash& mdash; The night is about to pass, and the energy hormone (adrenaline) in the body is stepping up its work to prepare for the coming of the day.

Be sure to eat breakfast for health preservation

From 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning: during the period when the small intestine absorbs a lot of nutrition, you should eat breakfast. It is best for patients to eat breakfast before 6:30. For health practitioners, before 7:30, those who do not eat breakfast should change their habits, even if they sleep after eating, or eat at 9:00 or 10:00 is better than not eating.

Because if you don't eat breakfast, your body will be seriously overdrawn. It's like a machine idling. Men don't eat breakfast and hurt their liver and gallbladder. Women don't eat breakfast and hurt their uterus. Many female friends who don't eat breakfast for a long time almost have hysteromyoma. And whether men, women and children do not eat breakfast will hurt brain cells, long-term thinking confusion, memory decline, neurasthenia.