Dream of water

No matter what appears in your dream is a quiet lake, a trickling stream, a raging river, a calm ocean; The water in dreams always represents the essence of life, representing the baptism and rebirth of spirit. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning; The lake symbolizes that you want to get rid of the disturbing life as soon as possible and desire to live a quiet and stable life. A flood or a raging river indicates that you are facing uncontrollable pressures and situations.

  • Dream of looking far into the calm water & mdash& mdash; It means that the interpersonal relationship is very smooth. In the school, the friendship between students will be strengthened. You might as well sing praises to your youth!
  • Dream of walking freely on the water & mdash& mdash; The wish is about to come true. But holding hands and waiting will not help. We must strive for it.
  • Dream of ripples on the water & mdash& mdash; Will start a new love. The other party is likely to be a stranger. The place where they meet is an art museum or library. Most of them are the other party who talks to you first, keep the most real you, and welcome the new love song!
  • Dream of meeting people in swimming & mdash& mdash; There will be unexpected scenes that will embarrass you. For example, when I was walking hand in hand with my lover, I suddenly met the head teacher & hellip& hellip; Be careful not to be too frivolous.
  • Dream of drowning & mdash& mdash; Health has a shadow. The possibility of recurrent disease is very large, especially for people with allergic constitution or who have suffered from nephritis.
  • Dream of your home being washed down by the flood & mdash& mdash; There may be disputes between family members. The cause may be something between your parents. At this time, you'd better restrain your previous frankness and try to communicate your parents' feelings.
  • Dream of swimming against the current & mdash& mdash; Friends will deteriorate. Students who can't get along with each other at ordinary times may have sinister schemes against you. Be careful not to fall into the trap of others.
  • Dream of a waterfall & mdash& mdash; Prosperity. If you open a grocery store or do other business at home, its turnover will increase and your pocket money will increase.
  • Dream of following the water downstream & mdash& mdash; Everything will go well. For the right person, you can launch a situation letter offensive, and the hope of success is great.

Dream of running on the watershed & mdash& mdash; Interpersonal relationships are likely to deteriorate. There is a great possibility of conflict with students or teachers with different personalities. Be sure to get along with others.