Dream of green vegetables

  • Dreaming of eating green vegetables indicates that there will be disputes between yourself and your friends. You must pay attention to keep calm and not vent your emotions on others at will.
  • Dreaming of planting vegetables indicates that you will be in good health and live a long life.
  • Dream of eating vegetables and insects, indicating that your body will be in a state of health.
  • Dream of eating vegetables, but I particularly hate the feeling, indicating that I will have a good income.
  • Dreaming that vegetables are eaten by insects indicates that the career will be booming, but there will be more and more troubles.
  • Dream of eating vegetables, friends will decline. There will be disputes in a group of friends. What you need most at this time is your calm judgment.
  • I dreamed of washing vegetables. When I go out, I will be attacked by robbers.
  • Dreaming of growing vegetables indicates that you must make arduous efforts and overcome many difficulties on the road to success.
  • Dream of picking vegetables shows that it is a good day for going out for an outing in the near future. It's also good to go out and relax. Enjoy life.

Different people dream of green vegetables

  • Women dream of washing vegetables, everything goes well and they are happy, but they can't be casual and linger in happy places, leading to bad luck and hard work. Beware of thieves breaking into empty doors.
  • Pregnant women dream of vegetables, which means they will have a son.
  • Pregnant women dream of picking vegetables, which means you will have good luck. Recently, the little sisters will ask you to go out for an outing. You can go out to relax and pay attention to your diet.
  • Dream of picking vegetables before the exam, which means that the exam results are good. Pay attention to rest before the exam. Don't let yourself be too tired and affect the performance.
  • Dream of picking vegetables before marriage shows that the relationship will have a good experience. It is a good omen. You are about to enter the palace of the wedding. You are a happy couple.
  • People in love dream of picking vegetables, which means that you will have a good development and can further develop, but don't worry too much.
  • Employees dream of picking vegetables, which means that you are more constrained at work and more communication between you and your colleagues, which can reduce the burden.