Dream of vegetables

Vegetables are the main achievement, and vegetables symbolize success.

Dreaming of many vegetables means being rich.

Dream of buying vegetables, your career will succeed.

Dream of growing vegetables, will encounter many difficulties.

Dream of cooking, friends at the meeting, but spend money to avoid disaster.

Dream of green vegetables, will be happy, happy life.

Dream of turning over the dishes and soiling the clothes, there will be twists and turns in love, and the possibility of rival lovers is very large.

Dreaming of all kinds of vegetables on the table may also indicate your recent desire for a healthy diet. Perhaps you are a person who yearns for nature and a simple and healthy life; It is also possible that in real life, the diet environment of big wine and big meat makes you feel the need to improve your diet.

Dream of buying vegetables in the supermarket or vegetable market, which indicates that in your career, you will win success through your own efforts.

Dreaming that you are cutting vegetables suggests that you should be careful of being cheated by your friends and suffer economic losses.

Dreaming of growing vegetables indicates that you must make arduous efforts and overcome many difficulties on the road to success.

Dream of eating vegetables, may have differences with friends, I feel a little lonely in my heart.

Dreaming of eating vegetables implies that you will be very rich.

Dream of eating a lot of vegetables, will be hungry.

Dream of distributing vegetables to others, where there will be an epidemic.

I dreamed that there would be an unfortunate accident and physical injury for the vegetables in people's hot hands.

Dream of vegetable land, good omen, means that there will be more property.

Dream of picking vegetables in the vegetable field, will shake hands with others and make peace, peace is precious, take the initiative.

Dream of vegetables growing very lush, usually indicates that you will succeed.

Different people dream of vegetables

The patient dreamed that he ate a lot of vegetables. His condition would worsen because he didn't eat regularly and didn't pay attention to rest.

Men dream that vegetables grow very lush, which means that they have experienced many twists and turns, slowly gain something, and their appearance must be modified more.

The lady dreamed that the vegetables grew very lush, which showed that the popularity was good and the love was smooth.

Businessmen dream that vegetables are flourishing, which means they can get rich smoothly. They should guard against lawsuits and should not expand.

Students dream that vegetables grow very lush, which means good grades and make persistent efforts.

Pregnant women dream of vegetables, indicating a healthy baby.

Pregnant women dream of a lot of vegetables, which indicates that you will be very happy in real life. Family and friends will love you and have a good relationship with you.

A woman's dream of washing vegetables shows that you have good luck and joy during this period, but you can't be casual and linger in happy places, causing bad luck and labor. Beware of thieves breaking into empty doors.

Young people dream of washing vegetables. In terms of health, they still need to continue to pay attention to respiratory diseases, and there is also the possibility of injury to their shoulders and hands.

Single people dream of washing vegetables, then love luck is a temporary success, but the result is failure.

The old man dreamed of washing vegetables. Everything should not go deep. He should retreat to the status quo in order to be safe. It is an image of bitterness before sweetness. It is not suitable to act rashly.