Be sure to see! With these in the housing center, the financial luck is damaged and the right and wrong are continuous!

In home feng shui, there is a saying: & ldquo; If a palace prospers, it will prosper in all directions; If one palace fails, all parties lose& rdquo; This & ldquo; One Palace & rdquo; What do you mean? Why does it determine the fate of all parties? Many friends have questions about this. I hope Shide can help answer them.

In fact, what Yigong said is & ldquo; Zhonggong & rdquo;, That is, the central position of the house. This position is the core of the house, which can transport the gas field in all directions. Therefore, the rise and fall of Zhonggong is related to the prosperity and failure of all parties. Once the layout is wrong, it will violate taboos. So, what are the Feng Shui taboos in the center of the house?

No stairs

The middle palace is a place that integrates the gas transportation of the house. If the stairs are set here, people pass through the stairs and go up and down every day, it will disturb the gas field of the whole house and destroy the feng shui of the house. In addition, if a staircase is set up in the middle palace, it also means that the house is divided into two, which means bad luck. Couples living in such a house are easy to break up their feelings and finally break up.

Therefore, it is against the principles of Feng Shui to set the stairs in the middle palace. If your residential staircase is in the middle palace, it's best to rebuild or change it.

No toilets

Since Zhonggong is a family house & ldquo; Acupoint eye;, Then it must be kept clean and tidy in order to transport the auspicious gas to other areas, so it is the most taboo to have a toilet here. After all, there is a lot of foul gas in the toilet, and this layout will disperse the foul gas. Then the health of people in the house is prone to problems, and the transportation at home will be hindered. And it's easy to trigger & ldquo; Wuhuang & rdquo; The gas of leads to continuous right and wrong and bad luck at home.

No kitchen

In addition to the toilet, the kitchen cannot be located in the central palace. You should know that the kitchen is a place where fire is important, and the fire dryness is very heavy. If there is a kitchen in Zhonggong, the fire will disperse, resulting in excessive fire at home, which is easy to quarrel between families, which is not conducive to health.

Can't be shot

Inside some houses, there are obvious edges and corners, or the walls are like blades. Such edges and corners of wall knives are easy to form bad luck and affect Feng Shui at home. If they go straight to Zhonggong, it will do more harm to the family.

It will lead to unstable family fortune, poor financial fortune, damage to health, and may also bring some accidental injuries to the family. Therefore, if there are edges and corners at home, it is best to round these edges and corners, or put some broad-leaved plants, lockers and screens in the middle as a barrier.

Don't put fish tanks

It's best not to put too large fish tanks and aquariums in the middle palace, which will suppress the Qi luck of the middle palace. Moreover, the water flows indefinitely. Putting the fish tank in Zhonggong can also easily make the gas field of Zhonggong unstable, resulting in ups and downs of family transportation, and the family is always unable to harvest a good journey.