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You would lose money because of wrong wallet color

1, black wallet

This is the most common wallet color, which represents steady, convergence, deep, enrichment effect would be obvious, and would not make people spend money casually. This color is the preferred color for men. However, if your character taboo is black, you'd better not use a black wallet, otherwise you could not accumulate wealth, but even lose money.

2, rose and pink wallet

These two colors could make you have flourishing love fortune, which could enhance your love fortune if frequently used. It would be more suitable for single women. However, these two colors' enrichment capacity are poor, you'd better not use if you want to save money.

3,  coffee and brown wallet

The five elements (Wu Xing) of these two colors belong to earth, and earth creates gold, it could improve your capacity to save money and accumulate money. The two colors are the most used colors. Therefore, the market leather wallets are dominated by these two colors.

4, yellow wallet

The five elements of yellow belong to earth, which is very helpful for wealth, and could improve your luck. It would be favorable to your career and wealth. However, if the character taboo is yellow, then you'd better not use this color wallet.

5, white wallet

White wallet looks more pretty though, but it would make you spend money quickly from geomancy (feng shui) point of view. However, if Eight Characters(Ba Zi) favorite color is white, then the situation is just the opposite, the more you use the white purse the better luck you would get.

6, red wallet

Red represents booming, which is the best color to bring in wealth, but it would be difficult to save money. Someone also believes that red represents the deficit, this is a misunderstanding.

7, blue wallet

The five elements of blue belong to water, you'd better not buy such color, because you would spend all you money like water if frequently used it. So it would be very negative for your wealth. However, if Eight Characters(Ba Zi) favorite color is blue, you'd better use it.