These constellations like to pursue what they can't get

Why the more charming the more dangerous, why not get the most precious. People's bad nature is that they always like to be cheap. The more they can't get it, the more they want it. Some constellations are too obsessive. Which constellations like to pursue what they can't get?

Gemini: fresh and exciting

Gemini people like to pursue excitement most. They are never satisfied with the status quo and don't know what contentment is. The easier it is to get something, the less they care. They are always willing to challenge those things that are extremely difficult and need to work hard to get. Especially in love, I have a deep obsession with the so-called cinnabar mole or white moonlight. I always perform a love song that I can't love. I have great curiosity for some mysterious people who can't reach. Driven by curiosity, they will constantly pursue freshness and excitement, and always ignore what they already have.

Pisces: Daydreamer

What about Pisces? They live in a fantasy world. They are natural daydreamers. They always fantasize that they will have beautiful and desolate love or incomparable wealth. Alas, the ideal is always beautiful, and the reality is always bumpy. How much they expect from the fantasy, how far they are from the reality. The gap between reality and fantasy jumps back and forth. Either lie flat and make salted fish, or turn over and make your fantasy come true. They are so extreme. Although they can sometimes soberly recognize that fantasy is illusory, they will still pursue something they can't get.

Scorpio: competitive

Scorpios are naturally competitive. They may not be trying to get what they can't get. Sometimes it may be just to gamble. After all, things that are too easy to get are not so precious, so sometimes they tend to despise those things that are easy to get, but they resent those things they can't get. They are not obsessed with things, but always want to prove their strength by coming. He may not be competing with others, he must be competing with himself. Everyone else has it. Why can't I have it? It is such unwillingness that makes them always love to pursue what they can't get.

VIRGO: picky and perfect

Virgo people pursue perfection and demand themselves with high standards all the time. Over time, they form a stubborn character and persistent quality. Want to be perfect at all times and want the best. Driven by this mentality, they can't tolerate a little imperfection and stick to the most perfect result too much. But we all know that nothing is perfect. There are always shortcomings in life, and life is perfect because of shortcomings. Virgo people do not pursue what they can't get, but the final perfection. Although it sounds a little windy, the excessive pursuit of perfection will only make the people around and yourself more and more tired.

Leo: confident and proud

Leo is a natural leader and always plays the role of leader in the group, but the leader must be labeled as the best, the most difficult and the most powerful. They are naturally confident and occasionally conceited. The more difficult things are, the more challenging they are. They feel that they have no unfinished tasks and uncertain people. Once he feels the difficulty, he will not have a headache, but will be surprised. He hasn't worked so hard for a long time. In the face of those things you can't get, you will be like a hunter to his prey. You want to eat them immediately and wipe them clean. You will never stop until you reach your goal. They never think they will fail, which is the confidence of Leo.

Courage to challenge is a good thing, courage to pursue requires courage, and willingness to find something you can't get should be encouraged. I hope we all have Leo's self-confidence and don't be too persistent, but don't give up easily.