Scepter five

Scepter five

Deck interpretation

The positions and directions of the five scepters are not consistent. This is a very messy card. The action sense of the picture is particularly strong, and the characters are also the most in the vittaro. The five scepters all left the ground, and different people raised and waved them, and all waved them in different positions, which filled the whole picture. The scepter position of this card is the most disorderly. People are waving and fighting. The five people entangled and wrestled together, as if they were fighting or in a sports competition, which can also be regarded as a simulated war. In such a state of the group fighting, there is no winner or loser, and it is still in continuous scuffle. But it also seems that there is a real war. There is a conflict of interest rather than playing.

The five young men straightened their arms and waved out with their scepters, and their feet were all open in a V shape. Each of them has different shapes and colors, which represents different positions and personalities. Different positions also imply unequal status or different positions. The lawn is yellow and green. However, the ground is rugged and the color gradually fluctuates. The sky in the background is blue, indicating that there will be a bright struggle and a clear ending. The clear boundary between heaven and earth highlights the contrast between the silent environment and the noisy human voice.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Scepter five is a card representing conflict. Although it is a card of conflict, it will not hurt anyone. On the other hand, this card can be described as comparison, rivalry and competition, which is a bit similar to that I use every process of my life to compare and compete with others, or with my own preset, and use this feature to grow up. However, due to the existence of conflicting meanings, it may be a benign competition at the beginning, but later it turns into a more vicious competition. You can speak well or not well. Speaking well means that you can grow from such a process. Speaking badly means that you may spend too much time in such a fighting environment, so that the time to achieve your goals is lengthened, or the preset goals are changed. In terms of interpersonal relationship, this card means that you can't get along with others calmly, and there will be conflicts from time to time, which may be temporary or not for a short time.

Positive meaning

  • There will be fierce battles or conflicts.
  • The other side is a strong enemy, or there will be a strong enemy.
  • Full of fighting spirit.
  • Faced with choices and challenges, it is difficult for the heart to make choices.
  • Opportunities for competition.

Many people are pushing each other on a high ground and on a foundation. It seems that they are fighting. Many people are arguing together about how to build a building and how to reach a consensus. In this situation, everyone has his own opinion, and no one will let anyone, and everyone's power is fair. No one can overthrow the other. The scene may be the warm situation and fierce words during the meeting. It feels like the whole mess. Everyone wants to get the best benefit. If it continues to be bad, maybe the fire element and the stick will fight.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: the five cards of the upright Scepter show that your love is always full of conflicts, big and small. You and him often quarrel over small things. You always forget the reason why you attracted each other.
  • Wealth: when this upright Scepter five card appears, it means that you are very tight in the use of money and often worry about adjusting money.
  • Cause: when the card of upright Scepter 5 appears, you have disagreement with your partner in work, and the coordination is not smooth. Then there is conflict. This is what you worry about.
  • Appearance: your appearance gives people the feeling that you are fierce and always want to make trouble.
  • Health: when this upright Scepter five card appears, it means that your body often has some large and small wounds, which are caused by your impulsive good deeds!

Inverse meaning

  • Unfair competition, fraud.
  • The situation is chaotic and complicated.
  • Be implicated in disputes.
  • There may be litigation.

The fifth scepter of the reverse position may be that the situation of the original positive position continues to deteriorate. There were more or less constructive proposals when the original positive position was in place. At the time of the reverse position, there was already a quarrel for the sake of arguing, arguing for victory or loss, or even going to the court and starting a lawsuit. On the other hand, if the original positive position is taken good advantage of and the two sides gradually reach a consensus, the best development may be achieved, and the misunderstandings and disputes between the two sides can be resolved and the interests can be shared.

However, the reverse Scepter five represents that you are willing to take a step back to enlarge your thinking space, do not casually adhere to your own opinions, and are willing to listen to others' ideas for physical thinking. On the other hand, it represents change or benign interaction.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: when this reverse Scepter five card appears, it means that your conflict in love may be resolved, because you understand that only compromise and communication are good for both sides.
  • Wealth: when this reverse Scepter five card appears, it means that you will lose less money because of compromising something. This is what you are happy about!
  • Cause: when this reverse Scepter five card appears, it means that you are willing to compromise in the interpretation of work. You understand that energy and time are wasted. It is time to adopt new methods.
  • Appearance: your appearance is like a good man. If you feel like you, you will give in.
  • Health: when this reverse Scepter five card appears, in terms of body interpretation, it means that you finally understand that seeing a doctor is the only way to solve your physical pain.