What kind of plants are the most auspicious in the house


Buddhist Theory & ldquo; One flower, one world;, Everything in the world has its meaning and value. Evergreen foliage plants in four seasons are filled with endless energy; The colorful flowers bloom in turn in each season. These charming flowers and plants are precious treasures given by nature. The opportunity to turn the tide is hidden between the flowers and leaves.

What kind of plants should be placed in which space in the house? Of course, there are some basic principles for matching the spatial pattern, but generally speaking, as long as the auspicious plants are placed at home, it is good for Feng Shui. There is no need to worry too much about the adverse effect caused by the wrong position and wrong flowers and plants.

Doorway and porch

The Chinese have the so-called & ldquo; Welcome guests and accept Gas & rdquo;, Therefore, placing a pot of vibrant flowers and trees at the entrance can best express enthusiasm. In addition, it is also suitable for tulips (open the door to meet gold), or Malaba chestnut, Gladiolus and other plants with the function of blocking evil spirits and praying.

Suitable for plants: tulip, Malaba chestnut, gladiolus, all kinds of plants with slight inward bending in shape, such as welcoming posture.

a living room

Generally, Geely flowers are suitable, and it's best to & ldquo; There are big and small & rdquo;. Do not touch the ceiling with large potted plants in the corner to avoid a sense of oppression; Small potted plants on the table should consider the overall visual effects such as the size of the table.

Suitable for plants: Yellow Pueraria and ivy are suitable for placing on the table; The corner is suitable for ornamental pineapple, Malaba chestnut, Dai powder leaf and duck palm wood.


Cut flowers with pleasant color and taste are a good choice. In addition, grapefruit, orange, peach, apple and other fruits can be placed at the head of the bed to stabilize nerves and help sleep. The plants that should not be put are hanging basin plants such as juqian vine and love vine.

Suitable plants: Rose, taro, carnation, lily, Begonia, hibiscus, fruit.


It is suitable for plants with rising and outstanding beauty. The desk should be small and unobstructed; Tall potted plants can be placed far away.

Suitable plants: small ones include Kaiyun bamboo, sunflower, Narcissus, lotus, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, cockscomb and champion red. Large ones include gooseberry vine, Malaba chestnut and phlox.


Generally, the humidity and filth are heavy, and the light and ventilation are poor. It is suitable to put a flower or shade resistant plant inserted in a water bottle.

Suitable for plants: perfume lily, roses, hyacinth, Huang Jinge, Naga Haruto.


There is often a saying that water and fire collide in the kitchen. Putting a foliage plant with soft lines can also improve the effect. In order to avoid oil fume pollution, it is best not to choose flowering positions.

Suitable for plants: Selaginella, Pueraria, evergreen.


Basically, there is no special taboo for the plants placed in the Buddhist hall, but if they are evergreen plants, remember to tie red ribbons and red ornaments to turn Yin into Yang.

Suitable for plants: evergreen, silver willow, gladiolus, lotus, chrysanthemum, Magnolia, osmanthus.


Indoor corners, table corners or sharp objects can be planted with green plants, which can turn evil spirits and flourish.

Suitable plants: Paulownia, taro.

Symbolic meaning of home transportation flowers and plants

  • Tulips & mdash& mdash; Love goes well and people and money prosper.
  • Malaba chestnut & mdash& mdash; Attract wealth and bring in wealth.
  • Gladiolus & mdash& mdash; Good fortune is coming and rising step by step.
  • Watch pineapples & mdash& mdash; Good luck comes first, and good luck often comes.
  • Paulownia & mdash& mdash; It has both fortune and fortune, and has universal express.
  • Taro & mdash& mdash; Recruit money to ward off evil spirits and make a big profit.
  • Hyacinth & mdash& mdash; People help each other and be positive.
  • Kaiyun Bamboo & mdash& mdash; Reborn, transported and elevated.
  • Silver willow & mdash& mdash; Abundant financial resources and silver.
  • Lily & mdash& mdash; The league members are harmonious and happy.
  • Chrysanthemum & mdash& mdash; Health, longevity and fortune
  • Osmanthus fragrans & mdash& mdash; Have both ability and morality, and noble people help.
  • Sunflower & mdash& mdash; Positive and enthusiastic, good leadership.
  • Narcissus & mdash& mdash; Abundant food and clothing, continuous blessing.
  • Cockscomb & mdash& mdash; Outstanding skills.