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What kind of plants are the most auspicious in the house


Buddhist said, "A Heaven in a wild flower." All things have their existence meaning and value. Evergreen foliage plants reverberated with germinal endless energy. The swinging flowers burst forth in every season. These attractive flowers are the precious gifts and treasures of nature, an opportunity to reverse the fortune hidden in the mosaic room.

What plants are suitable to put in what space of the house? Of course, there are some basic principles of the spatial pattern, but broadly speaking, the lucky plants are general good in the house in term of fengshui. Do not worry about too much.

Doorway, the front of entrance

Chinese people have so-called "Greeting guests and improving inspiration", so you'd better put a pot juicy flower or tree at the entrance to best express your enthusiasm. And tulip is also suitable (come straight to gold),  Malabar chestnut and gladiolus are also to block evil spirit and pray for blessings.

Suitable plants:tulips, Malabar chestnut, gladiolus, all within the curved shape such as a welcome gesture micro plants.


All the generally lucky plants and flowers are suitable, but you'd better place according to big and small. Do not put the potted plant on the corner touch the ceiling, so there is a feeling of pressure. The small potted plants will have to consider the table size and the overall visual effect.

Suitable plants:Epipremnum aureum, ivy are suitable on the table. Pineapples, Malabar chestnut, Dieffenbachia and Schefflera macrophylla are suitable on the corner.


The cut flower with pleasant taste and color is a good choice. You can also put grapefruit, oranges, peaches, apples and other fruits on the head of the bed to make you stablized and sleep well by its aroma. You must not put Dischidia nummularia or RosaryVine and other hanging planters.

Suitable plants:roses, calla lilies, carnations, lilies, crabapple, hibiscus, fruits.


The plants with "rise point by point" or "premium" meanings are suitable. Yo for a rising, outstanding kindness plants. You'd better put small flowers or plants with no limitation to view line. 

Suitable plants:lucky bamboo, sunflower, daffodil, lotus, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, cockscomb, Osmanthus Fragrans, Umbrella Tree, Malabar chestnut and Polyscias.


It typically has strong moisture, bad smell, insufficient light and poor ventilation. It is suitable to put a plug in the bottle water flowers or shade-tolerant species.

Suitable plants:lilies, roses, hyacinths, Rhodea japonica, ivy.


Kitchen has the statement of "water restricts fire", you can put a soft foliage plant to improve. To avoid soot pollution, do not choose the flowerer.

Suitable plants:Selaginella, Rhodea japonica, evergreen.

Family hall for worshipping Buddha

Basically there is not particularly taboo for plants in this place, but if you'd better tie red ribbon or red ornaments to turn yin into yang.

Suitable plants:evergreen, white willow, gladiolus, lotus, chrysanthemum, magnolia, laurel.


You can put the green planting on the corner to ease evil spirit and make good luck.

Suitable plants:Polyscias, Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

The symbolic meaning of lucky flowers and plants in the house

  • Tulip - Smooth love, booming wealth and generation.
  • Malabar chestnut - Money and treasures will be plentiful. Rich in financial resources.
  • Gladiolus - Blessing is approaching. Rise Step by step.
  • Ornamental pineapple - Good fortune.
  • Polyscias - Good happiness, position fortune. Prosperity in business reaches the four seas
  • Zamioculcas zamiifolia - Bring in wealth and ward off evil spirits. Make a fortune quickly.
  • Hyacinth - Popularity to help, positive.
  • Lucky Bamboo - Reborn, good luck and promotion.
  • White Willow - Profits pouring in from all sides.
  • Lily - Harmonious and joyful.
  • chrysanthemum - Good healthy and a long life. Get rich.
  • Osmanthus - Virtuous with noble help.
  • Sunflower - Positive and enthusiastic. Good leadership.
  • Narcissus - Be well-fed and well-clothed.
  • Cockscomb - Excellent and peerless. Deat other people.