What kind of noses can make women most popular

When we observe a woman's physiognomy, the nose is her star of husband, masters the marriage and wealth. If the woman has a good nose, she can be helpful to herself and her husband. And if the nose grows not good, then she may be be helpless to herself and her husband, she will encounter twists and turns in life. Here take a look at what is the best nose for a woman.

First, helpful to herself before and after marriage (a little lucky)

This phase's characteristic is the low nosebridge (commonly known as flat nose), when you touch the nosebridge, just feel a little skinny, and your nostrils are not exposed, then you will not waste and have investment luck, but because of your stingy personality, you will not share your money with your husband after marriage. In a way, you are only good at managing your husband's wealth, and even beat your husband's mind, but can not be helpful to your husband.

Second, helpless to herself before and after marriage (a little fierce)

This one kind of nose carries on the above nose, just has a little difference, that is the nosebridge is sagged more serious, if you touch it you can feel the flesh and the skin, while the nostrils are exposed. In physiognomy, the nostrils are the granary, exposed nostrils represent the door is not closed, thus the money will inevitably be lost. This kind of nose phase in ancient times was known as "bitter phase", because such a woman can not be helpful to herself but also helpless to her husband. Therefore, if there are women born with this nose, it is necessary to learn a craft in childhood to earn their own living and not dependent on their husbands.

Third, helpful to herself before marriage and helpless to her husband after marriage (fierce)

This nose phase is very rare, that is the nose is high and straight, nosewing is adducent and nostrils are not exposed. If you have such nose, you will have a share in her husband's body, but you can not ride out of trouble. Many women had high income and good conditions before marriage, but their husbands may encounter failure in business after marriage, then they would leave their husbands.

Fourth, helpless to herself before marriage and helpless to her husband after marriage (big fierce)

This is a bad phase, it is not important if a woman is helpless to herself before marriage, but if she can not be helpful to her husband after marriage, then she can not get courteous reception. Such people must have short nose, short nose refers to the nose is shorter than one-third of the length of the face. Such people will have somewhat unstable economic situation in middle age, which is due to ill-consideration and rashly action. Therefore, short-nosed woman would better marry older husband.

Fifth, helpless to herself before marriage and helpful to her husband after marriage (auspicious)

There is a nose phase of big nose with much flesh, nose is drooping, which is called the bag nose by physiognomist. Women with such nose will attach importance to the other's family property in choosing lover, if the husband's background is too meager, she will not get married with him. She is struggling for money, she is good at making money. Since she was born from poor family with not much income, and therefore it is difficult for her to get rich before marriage. But she can be helpful to her husband through the efforts after marriage.

Sixth, helpful to herself before marriage and helpful to her husband after marriage  (very auspicious)

A woman who is helpful to husband must has a fleshy nose and shiny skin, a little low nose bridge. This woman with such nose can enhance her husband's fortune after marriage.