The twelfth house of constellations: the migration house (the ninth house)

The palace of migration is the palace of life, ranking ninth in the horoscope. It represents a person's higher mind, subconsciousness, religion, law, science, ideas, advanced knowledge, philosophy, psychology, dreams, visions, cosmology and great wisdom. It also represents long-distance travel, international trade, import and export business. It also represents the church, grandchildren, intuition, ethics, public opinion and life experience as the spiritual pillar.


The sun falling into the migration palace represents a great interest in spiritual life and religion, as well as in education, religion, law, philosophy and other fields. This hobby will be highly developed, and the inspiration that often flashes will help solve problems and open up the future. You are also interested in foreign affairs and the culture, art forms and traditions of distant places. Usually, you will be very fascinated by foreign travel. However, if your sun sign is a fixed sign (lion, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius), you may prefer to stay in a certain place, unless there are compelling reasons to travel. If Leo is in the fourth house, you may be inclined to live away from your childhood home.You will have a strong sense of morality, although you may be cautious and strange. You usually want to become an authority in religion, education, law, or philosophy. Therefore, you have a strong interest in social order, law, and social traditions. If the sun is out of phase, you will show your moral views to others. You will also have abnormal religious beliefs and difficulties in education. It is even more difficult to get along with foreigners in different places. You will be modest and moral, but sometimes you will mix hypocrisy.


You have a deep emotional attachment to the religious, social and moral values you were taught as a child. The ninth house is Jupiter, and the ascending position of Jupiter is cancer controlled by the moon; So if the ruling planet of Jupiter is located in cancer, people with the moon in Sagittarius or the ninth house will have high expectations for the spiritual life of their family.Because you are influenced by your parents' biased attitudes, your thoughts and insights are easily limited to a certain field. Once you change your existing values, you will most likely be severely criticized by your parents. If the moon is out of phase, you may have a narrow social circle. Unless influenced by other factors in your chart, most of your beliefs come from feeling rather than reason. But because the moon stimulates imagination, you have a strong intuition. You are very fond of traveling and are very likely to spend your vacation in a country far away from your birthplace. You usually learn new knowledge unconsciously and imperceptibly.


Mercury's falling into the migration house represents your interest in higher knowledge such as philosophy and law, so you will pursue higher knowledge and higher degrees. You usually make decisions based on ethical and practical considerations. Just like mercury is in Sagittarius, this position means that you attach importance to attitude and facts. Because attitude will make people feel that those facts are important? How to apply those facts? Many high intellectual mercury is in the ninth house.You like traveling and are curious about foreign culture. Therefore, you are a good historian and anthropologist. You like to travel through mountains and rivers to expand your knowledge.

If mercury is out of phase, there may be a tendency of arrogance in knowledge and a self conceited and arbitrary attitude towards learning. If mercury has a good phase, especially if it has a favorable phase relationship with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it can have the perspective ability to predict the future.


People who fall into the migration house of Venus usually travel long distances for happiness. You will find love partners or good friends through school exchange, long-distance travel, staying abroad, etc. you have a preference for foreigners or people of other religions and races. You hold a high ideal of love, and you will persuade others to believe in your religion or philosophy. You usually have a high level of artistic and cultural literacy. Sometimes you will become a leader in this field. Venus in the ninth house usually shows a preference for religious music and art. In addition, a favorable and harmonious relationship can be established with marriage.


Mars falls into the migration house, which means that individuals have interests in tourism, outdoor activities, religion, philosophy, society and education. You are a natural reformer and actively pursue your own ideals. If Mars is in good phase, you have a broad understanding of life and all levels of society, and will lead the reform in a certain field. You will actively support higher education, religious and philosophical institutions of a service nature, and will show it through practical actions, not just on paper. In a word, you will turn your dreams into real people.


Jupiter's people in the migration house pay great attention to the spiritual level and higher education. If you are a teacher, you will become an educator serving in higher education institutions. You will always pursue higher knowledge as much as possible. You like to travel around the world and study the cultural customs of different countries. If you are in business, it will be related to publishing, speech and teaching.


Saturn's people in the migration house usually seek higher degrees in traditional institutions as a way to professional and high status. You seek power and authority, so many professors and school officials Saturn is in the ninth house. You usually work in industries related to law, education, publishing, religion and tourism, and you usually travel long distances for trade reasons or work, rather than for hobbies.


Uranus has advanced thoughts in the house of migration, often deviates from the normal track, is interested in new ideas, and has an idealized tendency. You often decide to travel to seek stimulation and adventure, and you are often “ Read in detail ”, But it won't really hate the world. Instead, it will make the unhappy society better.


Neptune in the house of migration will have amazing intuitive power, and many things you know by intuition. If the aspect is not good, you will follow some spiritual leaders or idolatry like infatuation. You should think carefully about the real value of things to avoid blind worship or chasing stars all your life. You don't like practical things, and you may not get along well with your spouse's family.

Power King Star

Pluto's people in the migration house have a deep insight into the overall social order, so they can make important predictions about the future of mankind. You are a natural leader and have the ambition to pursue fame, but when your ambition is too big, it will lead to a state of pride and complacency. You can't stand social injustice and authority system, so you are a part of supporting innovation.