What kind of women 12 constellation men are most fascinated by?


Is the so-called "brine point tofu, a thing down, not like a person, regardless of his attentive in front of you, it is difficult to be impressed; And if this person is their favorite, even if to do nothing, but smile, you will feel the infinite meet. Next we will take a look at 12 constellation men to do the kind of woman most fascinated, please also refer to the Sun and Mars constellation .

Aries - feminine cute

Aries man is like a child grow up, their fearless on the surface, being reckless and impulsive, to be honest, their self-esteem is particularly strong, look feminine and lovely, warm and lively, the eyes clear water, full childish face, the surface simplicity, especially with you goofed, failing also installed to play the fool, Duzhuoxiaozui, flaunted his cute little Fenquan of pounding in your chest said, "You're bad, blame you! "the little girl, beautiful sound, let Aries male legs hair crisp strange.

Taurus - beautiful gentle

Taurus men are athletic and special attention to the actual economic considerations more exotic life Hanshi more than romantic. The kind of natural beauty, gentle temperament, the Dairenchushi kind-hearted, sociable, noble girls most impressed Taurus man's heart to see less than half an arrogance. The most critical is that these girls have especially for Taurus to make money, like a snake fairy Bai, how to prevent cattle hardened fell in love with the Millennium.

Gemini - pretty type

Gemini man like a lively boy, clever fickle, optimism and self-confidence. And the kind of smart, the Wizard tricky, head full of strange ideas, from time to time to the point of mischief, and then waiting for you to make a fool grin on his face, like little witch by Jin Yong Huang Rong, Gemini encounter uncertain deduce what odd love Kuangshi. Guess mind unexpectedly spoiled law, how can we not make the male twin as a treasured it.

Cancer - gentle and lovely

Cancer man looks strong, they are actually very sensitive and fragile deep sensibility often made him rich and delicate feelings easily hurt. At this time, considerate, gentle water as UNIT woman always used her leisurely affectionate and tender loving care to win the heart of the Cancer man, no matter how hard Ling desert Cancer man will melt in the gentle fine rain. Deep grief will be such a woman licking smooth, Vamp Cancer man, of course, love does not address the hand.

Leo - behave in a sweet and helpless way

Leo man warm, sun, self-confidence. A natural leader, like the feeling of people who rely on. The kind of natural for a charming coquettish happens like spoiled little woman, wavefront flow between flashing lovely Jiaoqie stare revealing innocent girl look like sometimes proud like a princess, so Zhao Min Thousand Faces Angels is the Premier again proud lion male could not resist the temptation of her, how willing worth of pet do.

Virgo - perform light red armbands type

Most of the Virgo man some picky picky kind of pursuit of the perfect idealism of. With respect to the kind of gazing, Erbinsimo lingering, Virgo men pay more attention to the spiritual enjoyment. Kind of aloof floating almost adventitious elusive feeling to leaving him Xinchan and kind Hongxiutianxiang, took place in the night with reading Nie Xiaoqian woman is the most virgin male driven to distraction. Kinds of style, feminine, romantic, romantic even if just iron hero becomes a prisoner.

Libra - the notice of management type

Libra men treat heterosexual rational and picky, attaches great importance to a woman's appearance and temperament, Libra men are born with inherent style make them very woman margin. But the kind of pet held jiao, love much ado about nothing, like petty temper arrogance Miss Tiancheng Nan shunned. The only kind of elegant, sophisticated atmosphere, sensible woman is Tiancheng Nan favorite. This is precisely the flowers are not attractive from the fans, Dongfeng woman who needs it?

Scorpio - charming coquettish type

Scorpio man warm and mysterious, abundant energy, and always gives a cool feeling. In their view, a woman can not face, but can not show bone, as a woman, if they do not have the breath of flair, like a dish without salt as uncomfortable, so sexy and hot, covered up and down reveals tantalizing6 temperament the goblins can really attracted the eye of Scorpio, so that they forget about the East and West.

Sagittarius - delightful

Sagittarius men to act consistently unrestrained pursuit of unrestrained, free and carefree life. Born adventurous personality makes them interested in outdoor sports, like a shot go between the arrow, as it drifted away from the mountains. Those with small streams as clear and bright, delightful temperament Ying Ning-female fox, it is easy to attract the the shooter man's heart. What they like is the bow of the gentle, like the the water lilies numerous cool breeze shy.

Capricorn - demure gentle type

Capricorn man is the kind of practical and prudent, rigorous style of business men, they often feelings deep in the heart. They often appreciate the kind of quiet, traditional, although unknown to the public, but a kind of indomitable spirit, the Xiao Yaonv positive. Not as friendly fashion woman is so stunning, but has a of Xian Hua faint spring demure and elegant. This is precisely the real reason to make a Capricorn man pleasing willing to pay the price of true love.

Aquarius - chic bold type

The Aquarius man Chong reward individualism, the pursuit of the unique way of life, he just go with the feeling of the opposite sex. Kind of warm and chic, independent personality has a rebellious spirit, dare to challenge the secular Guo Xiang woman is particularly co-bottle man's taste. A novel way of thinking, unusual behavior, always highlights with the the prevalent alternative and different kind, this woman elegant and refined, may make water bottle man captivated.

Pisces - poetic type

Pisces man is romantic, passionate, is a contradiction with the integration of the body. Love is always full of romantic fantasy. Emotional man sometimes a prima donna, sometimes cold iron. One lies in the fine, sandy beach, enjoying the sun shines on the body warm and the sea breeze caressing comfort the woman in the painting is to look for her thousands of Baidu romantic Pisces man congregation. A very wonderful romantic thing begins its legendary interpretation.