It's almost the end of the year. Let's change our luck in the living room!

It was not long before the end of the year. After entering the house at home, the first thing to see was the living room. Therefore, the of the living room will have a certain effect on the residents' mood, social networking and contacts. Please take a look at and adjust the living room at home.

Wealth plus light

The end of the year is a summary of the year and an important closing season for wealth seeking. Therefore, if wealth is not prosperous, it is recommended to put a yellow lamp in the wealth position, so as to illuminate the wealth position, which is conducive to the wealth situation at the end of the year. You can put a yellow floor lamp or desk lamp.

The living room should be tidy

This reason is simple, but very important. The living room is like our face. The layout of the living room is neat and clean, which makes people look atmospheric and comfortable, so they will naturally have the first good impression on the owner of the house; On the contrary, if the living room is messy, dirty and untidy, it will not be prosperous. It is winter, so all the untidy things at home should be taken away, because it will be slower at the end of the year and there is no time to clean up.

Sofa placement adjustment

The sofa is the most popular place in the living room, and it is also the place to collect money and gas. If you are rushing towards the door, it is easy not to collect money. If the sofa is facing the door, you can block it with a screen in front. If you can't lean against the wall behind the sofa, you can put a cabinet behind the sofa!

Placement on both sides of TV cabinet

On both sides of the TV cabinet in the living room, you can put some green plants or raise some ornamental fish. As for whether to put green plants or raise ornamental fish, it's best to vary from person to person. You can add two new green plants here by the end of the year.

Wall hanging adjustment

Some landscape paintings or some auspicious calligraphy and paintings hung on the wall of the living room can not only reflect the master's self-restraint and quality, but also play a good role in helping the fate of the residents. Therefore, check whether the paintings meet the requirements by the end of the year. If not, make rectification again!

Wealth cleaning

The wealth in the living room has an impact on the wealth of the whole family, so at the end of the year, remember to clean here more. Because the end of the year is mostly the period of collection, the wealth is bright and clean, which is more conducive to wealth!

Furniture placement adjustment

If the living room is directly connected from north to south, it is suggested to place some furniture in the middle, which will form a gas gathering effect, which is conducive to the development of wealth. If you open the door to the balcony, it is also suitable to place some items in the middle of the living room, so that the gas field can be gathered!

Plant placement

Most girls like flowers and plants. They also like to put some flowers and plants as decoration in the living room. It can not only beautify the living environment, but also purify the air. Therefore, please choose broad-leaved plants to gather money. If there are people reading at home, it is recommended to put more asparagus.

Electrical appliance placement

The TV set should have been placed in a well ventilated place. Generally speaking, it is placed in the door and window, and the position of the living room air conditioner is also more exquisite. The vertical air conditioner should not press the corner of the financial position as far as possible, but leave a distance behind. What is shown below is to pay attention!