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What do moles of our body represent?

  • Mole in hairs: Riches and honor. You need not worry about food and clothes.
  • Seven moles on forehead: Very honorable. This is very rare. You must have riches and honor.
  • Mole on glabella: Honorable. Men with mole on glabella are honorable, women are rich.
  • Mole on forehead: Be careful, it might damage your health.
  • Mole on the bridge of nose: Suffering of illness. You might be indisposed and likely to get hurt.
  • Mole on eyelid: You are seductive and easy to confuse the others. Others less easy to identify authenticity.
  • Mole on tragus: Rich. You would have good wealth, but your wealth come and go quickly. 
  • Mole on apex of the nose: You are easy to provoke villains to encounter bad mood and disaster. 
  • Mole on the right side of face: Honorable. 
  • Mole on the left side of face: Rich. But you might also miss the good chance. Women with this physiognomy are helpful to husband. 
  • Mole on the right side of eyebrow: Longevity. Women with this physiognomy can live long, men are helpful to wife. 
  • Mole on basal part of the ear: Get disease. You must be careful, it is useless to get rid of it, you must pay attention to other aspects.
  • Mole inside of ear: Longevity.
  • Mole on the corner of mouth: Accumulate wealth. You need not worry about food and clothing.
  • Mole on mouth: Right and wrong. You are easy to provoke dispute, villain or bad love fortune. 
  • Mole on eye: Hard work. 
  • Mole on the front of neck:Easy to provoke villain or bad love fortune.
  • Mole on the behind of neck: Have backing. You would get elegant help for everything.
  • Mole on shoulder: Shoulder the heavy load. You could not live a easy life.
  • Mole on breast: Easy to provoke peach blossom. Your love life is very colorful, easy to damage wealth and love.
  • Mole on arm: Get wealth. You have good ability to manage your wealth.
  • Mole on palm: Riches and Honorable.