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Dreaming About Bedroom

One's own bedroom represents one's secret.

  • To dream of someone else breaking into your bedroom means that your secret may be discovered.
  • To dream of changing the furnishings or tidying up the bedroom means that there's something wrong with love. A secret heterosexual relationship will be open, and produce all sorts of adverse events. Then you'd better not to argue, but simply frankly admit.
  • To dream of that the bedroom is messy means that you are very edgy because of the secret.
  • To dream of that you're in the bedroom represents your sexual life.
  • If the bedroom in your dream is different from reality, then the bedroom layout style can usually reflect your attitude to sex, or the impact in this regard.
  • To dream of that you're in your parents' bedroom may imply that the parents' sexuality still has a certain degree of impact on you.

In a word, the bedroom style may hide some clues that you may have overlooked.

Watch what you've done in your bedroom in your dream? You should remember those events you face honestly, so that you can understand something. Don't be shy.