Dream of room and bedroom

His room expresses his secret.

If someone else breaks into your room, it means that your secret may be known.

Dream of changing the furnishings in the room or finishing the room, there will be problems in love. The secret heterosexual relationship will be made public, resulting in all kinds of adverse things. At this time, it's best not to argue, but simply confess that it's the best policy.

If the room is messy, it means you are uneasy about the secret.

Dream of you in the bedroom. Even if your behavior seems to have nothing to do with sex, these dreams are likely to still point to your perhaps happy or sad sex life.

If you find that your dream bedroom is different from real life, you can usually see your attitude towards sex or the impact in this regard from the layout style of the bedroom.

Dreaming of yourself in your parents' bedroom may imply that your parents' sexual concept still affects you to some extent; Maybe the scene goes back to your childhood room. What's worth thinking is, will you deal with your current intimate relationship with your childhood experience?

In a word, there may be some clues you ignore in the style of the bedroom. An old-fashioned boudoir with a locked door will not have the same explanation as a hotel room where others can go in and out at will.

Pay attention to what you did in your bedroom in your dream? Honestly recall how you felt when you faced those events, so that you can understand the sexual problems that are usually difficult for everyone to talk about. What's the little regret? Don't be embarrassed. Just like in real life, no one knows what you did in your bedroom.