What part of our body are moles on indicate good marriage



The mole in the center of the head is called the lucky star. People with this mole not only have good luck, but also do everything very well. Everything can be done as they wish.

Eyebrow tail

The mole at the end of the eyebrow is also called happy eyebrow. People with this mole have good luck and will have many admirers.

In the eyebrows

The mole in the eyebrow is usually invisible. Most of them have to lift the eyebrow to see it, so it is called hidden pearl in the grass. If there is this mole, it is easy for someone to fall in love secretly.


People with moles in their armpits have good luck, and they are all good peach blossoms.

Breast center

People with moles in the breast center, that is, on the areola, have good luck, and they are all positive.

Left and right navel

Moles around the navel are also good peach blossoms. The peach blossoms in this area represent the firmness of love.


A mole in the palm is a good peach blossom. There is a saying that the marriage of cause and effect in the previous life agreed to stay together again in this life.