Energy burst, the critical moment to establish the goal of 2022 has come!

Hi, I'm Xiao Na~

Only in November, the air temperature in many places dropped sharply and entered & ldquo; Quick freezing & rdquo; The pattern seems to indicate that we will usher in a severe winter. November is not only the month of Scorpio, but also the month most affected by Scorpio energy. Since the end of October, the sun, mercury and Mars will successively enter and gather in Scorpio, forming an energy tension with Saturn, Jupiter's Aquarius and Uranus's Taurus.

Scorpio's prototype energy has the theme of perfection, transformation and rebirth. You may encounter some crises, but please pay attention to the Enlightenment of these crises. Throughout November, when Scorpio's energy burst, all astrological activities seem to ask us: what do you want? What can I do to get it? This is a problem that each of us needs to think about ourselves.

To get what you want in 2022, what aspects can each constellation focus on improving? Energy burst, the critical moment to establish the goal of 2022 has come!


If you don't solve the long-term problem of procrastination, it's hard for you to achieve your goals in the new year, let alone go up high. In 2022, it is recommended that you do not set too high long-term goals, and try to choose small short-term goals that can see the progress bar step by step, otherwise it is easy to give up implementation because of too high difficulty.


Maybe you don't like it very much, but it's really necessary to make friends widely. It's better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles, and it's better to know thousands of people than to travel thousands of miles. Take part in more public activities, try to contact different people, and know that all kinds of people can see the larger world, knot & ldquo; Good luck & rdquo;, To create more potential opportunities.


Don't hide behind others and don't dare to show your ability or stand out. Try to take the initiative and do everything yourself. If conditions permit, you can exercise your organizational and leadership skills and read more relevant books, which will be of great help to you in 2022.


Stabilize your emotions and keep rational thinking. Next year you are likely to make a major decision because of stress or insecurity, such as getting married or changing your job. When you are in such a situation, you'd better stop and think calmly. Rather than blindly pursuing more profits, I suggest you aim at security and stability.


In 2022, you have the opportunity to solve the problems that have been bothering you. But before that, please take a look at yourself. Are you distracted, have too many goals, and can't tell what you want? The key is to clarify the goal, concentrate and work hard to complete it, otherwise you may fall into a dangerous situation.


Next year, your key topic is how to realize your expectations for financial stability. Some Virgos will strongly desire to own their own real estate, or have bold plans for their families, such as relocation, renovation, etc. Therefore, you need to carefully examine your plans or actions related to money, financial documents and similar nature in advance, and learn the knowledge related to financial management.


Next year is an important time node for the development of your relationship with your parents. Something related to relatives will push you into another stage of development. Some people will consider the development of their hometown or take their parents to the city where they live. No matter what the specific problem is, you need to be prepared in advance.


Building more networks with people with better knowledge or skills than you will be an unexpected starting point and an opportunity to improve your working conditions or launch a new business plan in 2022. For some Scorpios who lack self-confidence, they will want to improve their temperament through some medical beauty projects or changing their clothes. This is a good start.


Your personal life will change significantly next year. An appropriate large amount of consumption will bring you a better quality of life, which may be buying a house, buying a car, decoration, academic study, business investment, etc. Some Sagittarius will welcome new family members in 2022, such as marriage or pregnancy. You need to try to plan your new life.


Next year you will have to bear the pressure, but remember that opportunities are unlimited, and you have enough luck. The most difficult thing is to weigh your ability. You should have ambition to strive for, but don't covet those things that don't belong to you. Otherwise, even if you work hard, you will end up doing useless work.


2022 is a year to focus on your health. Especially the little friends who originally suffered from old diseases, next year is a good time for you to regulate your body, restore health and strengthen your physique. Aquarius, who is healthy, can change or eliminate bad lifestyles and bad habits at the level of consciousness through physical exercise.


In terms of Finance next year, you should be more careful in allocating resources. The reason is not that your income will decrease, but that there will be some sudden expenditures, which will bring short-term or longer-term pressure. For example, household expenditure, changing to a new field or major, changing to a new job track, etc., all require you to start saving this year.

Whether it's a crisis or a surprise, there will undoubtedly be unpredictable content in the new year, which makes people worry and look forward to at the same time, isn't it?

I hope you all grow up and everything goes well in the new year~