Teach you several ways to enhance positive energy and improve your good luck


1、 Doing good deeds and accumulating virtue can obtain the light of natural energy, just like the photosynthesis of plants and trees!

The spirit of all things is formed by the combination of yin and Yang. It is originally a wisp of spiritual light from nothingness. Self nature is originally bright. It is only because of the acquired dust, entangled desire, ignorance and stubbornness.

The sun shines on the earth and the sun, moon and stars spread all over the world, all for selflessly giving the light and energy of all natural things. This light and energy is called virtue by the Taoist ancestors. Virtue is the energy from the void, a selfless altruistic spirit.

Between heaven and earth, only virtue can change life, just like photosynthesis. Those who do good deeds and accumulate virtue can radiate the light of human nature and increase their blessings.

If people feel that everything is not going well, it must be the result of too much accumulation of inner gloom and sorrow. This unconscious negative energy is accumulated in the body and is not easy to discharge. At this time, it is necessary to maintain a sunny state of mind, but do good deeds, don't ask the future, and use good deeds to generate inner light, and gradually purify and disperse the inner haze, The magnetic field of air transport will slowly change & hellip& hellip;

2、 Reading and learning can obtain the spiritual energy, breeding temperament and connotation of ancient sages and sages!

The spiritual energy of ancient saints and sages also comes from the perception of nature, condensed into painstaking efforts and handed down in words, which is the sweet spring of pure moral energy.

Most people who like reading and learning can keep calm, have clear truth and clear heart. A kind of book fragrance from inside to outside comes to their nostrils, with a peaceful tone and elegant behavior. This is the breeding of temperament and connotation.

Reading and learning can broaden one's mind and vision, and improve one's dimensional space and thinking realm, which is the result of reading more good books; If you read all the books of conspiracy and contingency, you will become cold-blooded, dark and unhappy. You will build your happiness on the pain of others to obtain short-term happiness, which is no different from the patient's blood transfusion and hormone transfusion.

There are also choices in reading and learning. We should absorb more sunshine and healthy nutrition in order to change our Qi and magnetic field.