The constellation of long-term vision and foresight has achieved extraordinary achievements, but it is always misunderstood by others

Before the geocentric theory was confirmed, Copernicus was regarded as a neuropathy and even executed with capital punishment. When you didn't invent the plane, you told others that there would be flying vehicles in the future, and others would probably scold you as a fool. Just like today's Taobao, in the eyes of people 30 years ago, it will never become what it is today.

Nowadays, in the era of Internet, many things have subverted our cognition. However, when these concepts were first put forward, the person who first proposed them was often regarded as a fool. However, it has to be said that such talents are really farsighted and long-term. They can see the further future and make efforts so far, but they are difficult to be understood by people around them and can only walk alone.

Sun Capricorn mercury Libra / mercury Aquarius, and falls in the tenth house

To see whether a person is farsighted, in addition to insight and foresight, it also depends on whether he has the ability to carry out it. Because in real life, many people foresee the trend that may be popular in the future, but they don't make efforts to do so and don't even trust their own judgment.

Whether one's insight and vision are long-term depends on mercury. The position of mercury is very important. If mercury falls on Gemini and Virgo, it belongs to the type with strong communication ability, strong logical thinking and high understanding. If you are not punished, your IQ is also relatively high.

But when Mercury falls in Libra and Aquarius, they are more visionary. Because Libra is a very objective constellation that can focus on the future, so is Aquarius. They are full of curiosity and prediction about possible emerging things in the future.

When Mercury Libra or mercury Aquarius match and fall in the tenth house, it is a very good position to explain here whether it is the sun's tenth house, Mercury's tenth house or both. The tenth house represents career. Falling here also has a better driving force for career.

Such people often have both foresight and the ability to practice. They often achieve extraordinary achievements. But such people may not be recognized when they first put forward their views, because they are too grand and too far away, so that many short-sighted people can't understand them at all. However, if such people can stick to it and find a group of like-minded people, they will be able to achieve their own career and have a place in their own field.

The sun and Scorpio are in the ninth house

Among the twelve constellations, we all know that Scorpio's intuition and sixth sense are very powerful, but Scorpio is also vulnerable to emotions. Therefore, if the sun and Scorpio fall in the fourth, fifth or seventh house, their decision will be influenced by emotions, especially the opposite sex, and their long-term career will be greatly reduced.

However, such people's emotional intuition is quite accurate. Their partner had better not do anything wrong to them. When the sun and Scorpio fall in the ninth house, it is a perfect combination of intuition and vision. The ninth house is Sagittarius, and Sagittarius naturally represents philosophy, thinking, long-term and grand vision.

Although Sagittarius gives people a sense of foolishness, they are very intelligent constellations. However, the sun shooter is too playful and casual. He often sees the development trend and is not willing to work hard. Therefore, when the sun sets in an ambitious and capable position such as Scorpio or Capricorn, we can give better play to the characteristics of foresight.

People with such configurations can often see the future development trend and make a down-to-earth step by step for their goals.