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Where would your marriage come from through Palmistry

If you believe in numerology, you must believe that marriage is fated, and sometimes is not controlled by yourself. And from the perspective of numerology, regardless of eight characters, hands or face, have revealed some of the marriage information, if we can interpret this information out, we can understand the origin of marriage and if it is good or bad. If you're interested, let's take a look at where your marriage would come from.

First, the marriage comes from the work environment

  • The middle finger of mole: From the perspective of palmistry, the middle finger represents yourself, if there is a mole on the middle finger, which means you are liable to have their ordained marriage in the work environment.
  • The influence line intersects with career-line: this palmistry means that your lover will come from the work environment, and helpful to your career.
  • The parallel lines are beside the wisdom line: this palmistry means that you are easy to find lover from work, and you may encounter a triangle love.

Second, innocent childhood friend or introduced by the elders

  • Thumb or index finger of a mole: In palmistry, if there is a mole on the thumb, which means that your parents are your honored people, or your parents are very successful. If there is a mole on the forefinger, which means that your brothers and sisters are honored people. And if there are moles on the thumb and index finger, which means that you knew your fated lover since childhood, or introduced by the elders.
  • Early elegant line: If there is early elegant line between the middle finger and thumb, which means that your lover is the person who generally grew up with you, or via introduced by the elders.
  • Marriage line is low : If the marriage line is close to heart-line and far from little finger, which means that you will get married very early. They were childhood sweethearts.

Third, marriage comes by chance

  • Ring finger of a mole: In palmistry, the ring finger is on behalf of lover, but also represents a person's romantic feelings. If the ring finger has a mole, which means that you will meet your marriage by chance, and fall in love at first sight.
  • The influence line is beside the successful line: In palmistry, the successful line represents the successful heterosexual relationships between men and women. If there is an influence line beside the successful line, which means that you are very prone to love at first sight, and have earthshaking passion.
  • The parallel lines beside the heart-line: This palmistry means that you are also very prone to get married by chance.