Where would your marriage come from through Palmistry


If you believe in fate, you must believe that marriage is doomed and sometimes not controlled by yourself. Moreover, from the perspective of numerology, no matter the eight characters, hands and faces, they all reveal some marriage information. If we can interpret these information, we can understand the origin and quality of a person's marriage. If you are interested, let's see where your marriage comes from.

Marriage comes from the working environment

  • Moles on the middle finger: from the perspective of palmistry, the middle finger represents himself. If there are moles on the middle finger, he is easy to meet his destiny marriage in the working environment.
  • The influence line intersects with the career line: for people with this palmistry feature, most of their partners come from the working environment, and it is very helpful to their career.
  • There is a parallel line next to the wisdom line: people with this palmistry feature can easily find their destined lover at work, and they are likely to have triangular relationships.

Childhood sweethearts or introduced by elders

  • Mole on thumb or index finger: in palm, if there is mole on thumb, it means that parents are their own noble people, or their parents are very successful; There are moles on the index finger, which means that brothers and sisters are their own noble people. And these two people with moles, their destined partners are generally known from an early age, or introduced by their elders.
  • Early noble line: the noble line appears in the middle of the index finger and thumb, which is called early noble line. For people with this stripe, their partners are generally friends who grew up together or introduced by their elders.
  • Low marriage line: people who are close to the marriage line and far from the little finger often get married very early, so they are destined to be childhood sweethearts around them.

Marriage comes by chance

  • Mole on the ring finger: in palm, the ring finger represents both a spouse and a person's romantic feelings. If there are moles on the ring finger, most of their marriages are met by chance and fall in love at first sight.
  • There is an influence line next to the success line: in palmistry, the success line represents the heterosexual relationship between men and women. If there is an influence line next to the success line, it means that they are prone to love at first sight, and they have the passion of thunder and earth fire when they meet for the first time.
  • There are parallel slashes beside the emotional line: people with this palmistry feature are also prone to unexpected love.