The phase of the constellation transit and Jupiter

The midheaven is the zenith. In the chart, there are two straight lines running through the chart. The horizontal line crosses the horizon, and the top-down line is the meridian. The East and West ends of the horizon (left East and right West), that is, the heads of the first and seventh houses, are called ascent (ASC) and descent (DES) respectively, and the upper and lower ends of the meridian, that is, the heads of the tenth and fourth houses, are called zenith (MC) and fundus (IC) respectively. Zhongtian represents the goal of your life. The constellation of the midheaven indicates the way and style you climb to the top. Through the house and constellation where the main star of the middle heaven is located, you can know the level that a person cares about when pursuing status, and the planets in the middle heaven give a person a special ability to pursue the top. Therefore, if a person's midheaven phase is not good, then he will work very hard to climb to the peak of life.Now let's take a look at the information shown by the various phases between the midheaven and Jupiter.

The midheaven is 0 degrees to Jupiter

You are an ambitious person who wants to succeed, but not for yourself, but for the world you belong to. When you are young, you will take expressing this matter as a hobby, and these things are the topics that older people will pay attention to. You have a wide range of hobbies, including religion, geography, and even politics and government. At school, you may join the student union and become a small leader among your classmates. But they will respect you for it, because you will make it clear that you want to benefit yourself and feel responsible for the people around you.If you have received any form of religious education in your childhood, it will have a great impact on you. These education will accompany you all your life. As a result, your moral standards will be higher than most people's. You will often focus on doing what is just for you, not on your gains and losses. To be honest, this aspect can be seen in the star charts of many people who have entered the theological part. If you have no theological education, you will develop your own religious views, and these will have the same effect. You often want your life to represent the highest and best values, such as honor, integrity, respect and truth. Even if you can't support these principles as you wish, you will respect them. And once you violate your rules, you will be hurt more than others in the same situation.

The midheaven is at 60 degrees to Jupiter

You can always bring in people who can help you achieve your life goals. Again, you will help them in return. You know how to make a group of people live together and make everyone get what they want. You are mentally and emotionally healthy. You don't have the neuroticism that makes you uncomfortable. Even if, like many people, you have some emotional problems, these will not be a serious obstacle to your progress. In fact, they can even help you in unthinkable ways.Usually, others will hand over their resources to you because they realize that you can do more than themselves. They know that you are very responsible to those close to you. When you are young, this aspect will bring you sudden opportunities to help you get what you want in life. You can easily get along with your superiors and superiors because you let them know that they want to learn and are willing to put their ideas aside before becoming more wise and mature. In this respect, you will be more mature than many people when you are young. Some people with this aspect know what their career goals are at a young age. However, even if you are not, everything you learn or do will be beneficial to you in the long run and will support your ultimate life path.

The midheaven is at 90 degrees to Jupiter

You are energetic and want to achieve something in your life, but you should learn to balance your hobbies with those of the people around you. If you do that, you will build a good relationship with the people around you and achieve what you want. Sometimes this aspect implies a selfish attitude. It seems that only you are important in this world. If you are always like this, you will find that everyone seems to be doing the right thing to you because you seem so selfish and arrogant.Sometimes, this aspect means that you may conflict with authority figures because they will feel that you are out of your place or that you are a threat to them. When you are young, it is best to avoid the reputation of being smart, because these people will not make a good impression on others, especially their superiors.

You have a strong belief in right and wrong, but you must learn to sympathize with those who go the wrong way. You always want to warn people about their mistakes, and you really do it often. But then everyone will see what kind of mistakes you will make. If you can keep a low profile and realize that you won't have all the answers, then you will turn the disadvantages of this aspect into advantages. Others will have a very good impression of you. They think it is necessary to do what is right under certain circumstances. I believe you are not wrong.

The midheaven is 120 degrees to Jupiter

This aspect is very beneficial. First, it can help you find the right direction of life; Secondly, it allows you to make others have a positive view of you. If necessary, others will be eager to help you. You can pursue your goals without making others feel that they will be taken away. You have a strong sense of social responsibility and feel that your purpose in life should be beneficial to the world. You are not completely selfish or self sacrificing. For you, only things that are good for others are worth it.You are easy to get along with your elders. When you were young, this usually refers to people older than you. You know they can teach you something, and you are willing to learn from them. Although you are sure you are special, you don't feel compelled to show others how smart you are. You are willing to spend your time in the world to find out how much you can contribute.

You always have projects to do because you hate idleness, both mentally and physically. Usually, you will be busy with strong hobbies, which are more meaningful to you than living with others. You think you can entertain yourself. Your activities are enough to make you feel that life is full. You never feel the urgent need to get along with others.

The zenith of Jupiter is 180 degrees

As a safe haven, your family is very important to you. When the external environment is very bad, you usually choose to come back to avoid it. You will feel that your childhood is one of the best periods in your life, and you will respect your parents very much, especially the one who has given you great emotional support.When you are older, you will remember everything about your childhood, and you will love everything that makes you remember your family. Wherever you go, you will always try to find a group similar to the place where you grew up. If you can't find such a place, you will find a place where the people are very similar to those you met when you were a child. Throughout your life, you will respect traditions and customs. Even if they are different from your own, it is not because you are conservative, but because you know they can give people positive emotional support. Your temperament is very generous, and you like to experience new environment.

Throughout your life, you will enjoy a fairly large and beautiful place surrounded by a lot of open space. You hate crowding, both physically and emotionally, so you avoid maintaining close relationships with selfish people because they limit your inner freedom. Generally speaking, this aspect means a high sense of identity or emotional security, which enables you to survive any difficult time or help others when they are in trouble.