What are the signs of transit

Our life has been transformed into a scroll full of twists and turns by those unexpected small accidents or great miracles, and the so-called fate is the finishing touch. Although it is more deliberate, if it is really less, many people will be disappointed. When faced with the turning point of fate, those who are at a loss are often far more than those who have a clear goal. When is the beginning of the turning point, when is the termination line we decide, when will it turn down sharply, and when will it go up against the current, which can always become the focus of our attention to fate. From the perspective of astrology, this paper will briefly analyze under what circumstances their fate began to change for the 12 constellations.


Aries, who is active, cheerful and lively by nature, gives people the impression of simplicity and loveliness most of the time, but when Aries gets angry, it's not easy to be impulsive and perverse. All this stems from the role of Mars, the guardian planet of Aries. As a positive star, Mars's power is usually presented in the form of excitation, while the turning point of Aries's destiny is usually dominated by sudden change.

Signs of a better fate usually include sudden enthusiasm for all aspects of life in a depressed state; When the entertainment of things is enhanced; When thoughts, words and deeds show an obvious spirit of adventure; When you feel a challenge; When you can devote yourself to a career when you are energetic.

The signs of bad fate usually include when they begin to like to label their thoughts with humanitarianism or moralism; Lack of patience with others' suggestions; When it is difficult to control their emotions and behaviors, or even act impulsively, leading to violence; When his first place was occupied.


Taurus, under the protection of Venus, mainly reflects the representation of Venus' desire and enjoyment, so Taurus is generally elegant, calm, exquisite and exquisite, and attaches importance to sensory pleasure. Most of the guardians of Venus have the coordination brought by Venus, which is reflected in Taurus. They are deeply influenced by Venus in behavior mode and body language, and have strong physical coordination. Therefore, the fate of Taurus changes much more slowly, more like a process variable.

Signs of a better fate usually include the need to plan for practical problems at the beginning; When making a promise to others; Patiently engage in a cause or listen to the suggestions of others; Find rules from daily affairs; When you start taking on a responsibility.

Signs of bad fortune usually include sticking to one's own opinions on some problems, even if it is clearly wrong; He began to indulge in the enjoyment of material desire and couldn't extricate himself; In an environment where high-intensity tension and fast response speed must always be maintained; Must use new things, or use new thinking to think about problems.


Gemini, guarded by mercury, is often easy to become a rational and diversified person. And Gemini itself belongs to the people who regard change as the flavor of life, and is easily attracted by superficial phenomena. Therefore, although they can become good communicators and communicators, they are difficult to really become the people who can point out the root of the problem. The changes in Gemini are also characterized by the influence of mercury: rational, pluralistic, not profound, changing again and again.

The signs of good fortune usually include the opportunity to fully display yourself through language expression; When personal ability or talent is affirmed by others; In the face of rich knowledge that can attract all their attention; When the image crisis occurs in the affairs they undertake; When it is necessary to infer the relationship between others through phenomena; When communicating and summarizing an event.

Signs of bad fate usually include the need to put more thinking and energy into something; Crazy to catch up with the fashion they can't catch up with; Continuously plan and modify the plan, but never implement it; When you see something new and abandon the old; When you want to find a reason for your wayward evolution.


As the guardian star of cancer, the moon is undoubtedly the most maternal and sensitive negative star among the top ten stars in the solar system. Looking back in the past is not only the warmest and most secure corner of cancer's life, but also gives cancer the power to move forward. Therefore, when the fate of cancer is facing changes, it is inevitable that this sensitivity will affect it. Like the signs of cancer, changes also have a certain concealment, just as cancer is deeply hidden under the hard crab shell.

Signs of good fortune usually include the presence of childish and loving people around; When old friends appear; When there are people around who value righteousness over interests; In a warm and inclusive environment; When praised and affirmed by others.

Signs of bad fate usually include when relatives become sensitive; When someone you can't trust appears; When complex and difficult situations arise; Suddenly move out of the original residence; When there is a contradiction in the intimate relationship that you have invested in for a long time and tried to maintain; When the body is injured; When being criticized by others for being outspoken.


The sun is the guardian star of Leo and the only star in the top ten stars. Only when it shines with constant light and heat can our world be warm. Leo is also like the sun, shining, enthusiastic and like the sun. It can always become the focus of attention. But just as the night will also come to the world, the brilliance of the sun will always have a side that cannot shine. The turning point of Leo's fate is likely to be unilateral, and the influence will remain constant for a long time.

Signs of a better fate usually include when one's intentions are recognized and praised by others; About to become the leader of a group or department; When the financial ability is enough to express their generosity and enthusiasm; When in the center of the stage or playing the leading role; When you start on the journey of conquering a field or a person.

The signs of bad fate usually include making rash judgments without analyzing the superficial phenomena; Immerse yourself in the praise of others and believe that you can do everything; Boast about your glorious past experience with an arrogant attitude; Not being noticed by anyone; When self-awareness is overemphasized in group or love.


Virgo, who is also the guardian of mercury, has a very different attitude towards life from Gemini. Perhaps the source is precisely because the significance of mercury carried by Virgo lies in detailed analysis and organization. It is also because of the attention to details that Virgo's destiny is changing with some seemingly crazy rational paranoia. Whether it is in the good direction or the bad direction, the adaptation period is always too long, because in Virgo's eyes, every step of life should be reasonable.

Signs of good fortune usually include being entrusted with important tasks when facing difficult and complex topics; When there is enough time for them to formulate rules and regulations for a group; When you become an account manager; Enter a regular and almost invariable working environment.

Signs of bad fortune usually include small mistakes; Disputes with others; Property loss; When the customary articles are plundered or broken; When the rules and regulations deemed reasonable are destroyed by others; When you need to go back and forth between unfamiliar and familiar environments; When there is a small disease in the body.


Libra's taste and attitude are harmonious and beautiful under the influence of Venus. The difference between Libra and Taurus is that Taurus pays more attention to the beauty of enjoyment, and Libra prefers the beauty of physical state. Therefore, in Libra's eyes, a little predatory taste is not as comfortable as appreciating the beauty of things, and making decisions by repeatedly measuring objective factors has also become one of the symbols of Libra's pursuit of harmony. The turning point of fate for Libra is undoubtedly that the life balance is broken, and the degree of adaptation also depends on the comfort index.

Signs of good fortune usually include being able to work with long-standing friends; When it is necessary to judge a relationship or thing; When entering a pleasant and mild environment; When communicating with the opposite sex with beautiful shape and gentle speech; When you feel your humor.

Signs of bad fortune usually include accepting demands made by others that cannot be fulfilled by yourself; It is necessary to make a decision in a very short time and be required to implement it quickly; Encounter endless work; When confronted with sharp and fierce questions; When your objective authority posture is questioned.


Under the dual influence of Mars and Pluto, Scorpio has the characteristics of purposeful and absolute things. They are also active and enterprising. However, compared with Aries who are also affected by Mars, they have a deep commitment and perseverance. Therefore, in the face of the change of fate, they will not escape the choice. Through deep thinking, they will decide how to transform their life or how to transform themselves to adapt to the new life, which will undoubtedly be the subject of Scorpio.

Signs of good fortune usually include the opportunity to invest in a difficult project that knows it can pay off (such as scientific research, or Finance); When there is a chance to know the truth; In the vortex of fierce and cruel power struggle; Feel the kindness of others who don't ask for return; When designing a trap.

Signs of bad fortune usually include when the will is frustrated or the expressed good intentions are not adopted; When sincere payment is rejected or emotional betrayal is encountered; Even when they begin to doubt their authority; Feel bad intentions from others; When you can't get what you want.


Sagittarius is guarded by Jupiter. An optimistic and positive attitude not only brings good luck to yourself, but also drives the emotions of relatives and friends around. Therefore, it is not too much to say that Sagittarius is a lucky star. Jupiter's expansibility will always affect all aspects of Sagittarius's life, so the turning point of fate is not single, but three-dimensional and permeable. Sagittarius, who looks at life with naive eyes, is easy to lose crisis consciousness in over optimism.

Signs of a better fate usually include a frank heart to heart meeting when the other party is also a clear person; When you get the opportunity to travel long distances; When you come into contact with a new school that you have never known; In an environment where new challenges need to be constantly addressed; When engaged in work that does not need to be bound by a sense of responsibility.

Signs of bad fortune usually include when people see through a boastful attitude; When self righteous remarks are criticized; When running a business without considering the consequences; When you make a blunder before you clear your mind; Rashly enter the dangerous field under the praise and encouragement of others.


Capricorn has a serious attitude towards life, and sometimes even gives people a stereotype. All this comes from the mature and prudent nature of Saturn. Capricorn's focus on something is no less than Scorpio's persistence. More importantly, Capricorn has incomparable ambitions than other constellations. Under the influence of Saturn, Capricorn's fate will also face twists and turns, repeated, compatible advantages and disadvantages, and difficult to achieve overnight.

Signs of good fortune usually include being entrusted with important tasks by the organization to implement a system that needs to be implemented for a long time; In a working environment with many elders or professionals; When it is gradually cited as a moral model with high moral integrity; Fame and wealth; Rich experience is recognized at the same time; When someone can meet their own standards.

Signs of bad fortune usually include being refuted by younger generations; When the harsh system set by oneself is provoked by unruly people; When one's knowledge is not affirmed and valued; When deciding to treat subordinates with high pressure; Reputation damage caused by poor action; When you keep trying but get little.


The most representative feature of Aquarius is that it can carry out its maverick attitude to the end, and then make everyone stunned by a big turn. Of course, all this comes from the dual Guardian influence of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a sudden change, while Saturn's impact on Aquarius is reflected in persistence. No doubt, the turning point of fate in Aquarius will bring these two characteristics, that is, the lasting impact of sudden change.

Signs of good fortune usually include working creatively; Can continuously enrich new knowledge or obtain new opportunities; When the group is in an unpredictable crisis; When there is an opportunity to transform and innovate everything that is old; When one's behavior can proceed without interference.

The signs of bad fortune usually include when they interfere in other people's affairs without understanding; When one's own views become nonsense in front of elders or experienced people; When their humanitarian spirit is ignored; When your innovative behavior becomes meaningless in the eyes of others.


Jupiter doesn't show much optimism here in Pisces, but due to the influence of Neptune, the radiance covers the surface of life endlessly. Pisces also believes in the arrangement of fate due to the influence of Neptune. Finally, Pisces struggles and gives up its initiative. Because they believe too much in fate, Pisces is often the easiest person to accept the influence of fate and make themselves displaced.

Signs of better fortune usually include when someone can understand their romantic ideas; Can be in a purely protected environment without further camouflage; Aware of the plight and misfortune of others; Sacrificial love is rewarded by endless love.

Signs of bad fortune usually include being forced to the front line of struggle and being forced to pick up guns to hurt others; Need to undertake reformers or major responsibilities; When pressed by others step by step; When the mask of camouflage is exposed, or the carrier of collecting voice is excavated and publicized.