The phase of the constellation transit and Saturn

The midheaven is the zenith. In the chart, there are two straight lines running through the chart. The horizontal line crosses the horizon, and the top-down line is the meridian. The East and West ends of the horizon (left East and right West), that is, the heads of the first and seventh houses, are called ascent (ASC) and descent (DES) respectively, and the upper and lower ends of the meridian, that is, the heads of the tenth and fourth houses, are called zenith (MC) and fundus (IC) respectively. Zhongtian represents the goal of your life. The constellation of the midheaven indicates the way and style you climb to the top. Through the house and constellation where the main star of the middle heaven is located, you can know the level that a person cares about when pursuing status, and the planets in the middle heaven give a person a special ability to pursue the top. Therefore, if a person's midheaven phase is not good, then he will work very hard to climb to the peak of life.Now let's take a look at the information shown by the various phases between the midheaven and Saturn.

The midheaven is 0 degrees to Saturn

You learned at an early age that if you want to live a successful life, you must work hard and keep practicing. When you grow up, you also want to be a meaningful person, so you start working at an early age so that you can go to the place you want. Because you have so many internal rules, your parents don't have to impose them on you from the outside, and they don't have to put forward unrealistic high requirements, because you will work very hard to fulfill them. Once you fail, you will strongly condemn yourself. Once you decide that you are a loser, it is difficult to change your mind. This aspect of Saturn means that you either succeed or fail, depending on how you experience success as a child.You respect authority figures, even when you feel they are causing you difficulties. You realize that their power in this position is earned. If you want to challenge them, you must also strive for this power. It is only when you have had a very negative experience of authority as a child (usually caused by your parents) that you will develop an aversion to authority when you grow up.

No matter what career you choose, you will be a teacher and a mentor to others. You may be a teacher in some school. Anyway, if you achieve the goals you set for yourself, someone will always come to you for guidance. However, as you work hard to succeed, be careful not to overlook your friendship and other relationships. Otherwise, you will be very lonely in the future.

The midheaven is at 60 degrees to Saturn

This aspect shows that you have a strong sense of self-discipline, and you will unswervingly move towards your goals. This may also mean that you work mostly alone and can't get much help from your peers. Although they won't hinder you, you'd better work by yourself. No matter what task you are engaged in, you will do it patiently, with overall consideration, comprehensive methods and no obstacles. You may take on responsibilities that many young people refuse to take on. You look more mature than you really are.You are independent, even some lonely, because there are others around you, which may distract you from your goals. For this reason, you may not have many friends when you were young, but this is your choice, not because no one is willing to associate with you. When you are older, you will become a very reliable person, because you have found your own methods and proved to everyone that these methods are feasible. As you grow up, you will get the support and help of your elders, such as your teachers and parents. They are satisfied with your precocity and will help you find your way in life. When you are old and need to work for a living, you should have a good relationship with your employer, because they know that you are trustworthy in completing your work well and assuming responsibilities.

The midheaven is at 90 degrees to Saturn

You must learn how to cooperate with others and make emotional connections. Especially when you are very young, you may feel that others are blocking your way. In this way, you will cut off your connection with others, or you will feel that others are not paying attention to you. You will often feel that you will be quite lonely, and no one really cares about you. It may not be so often, but because of your emotional withdrawal, it is difficult for others to have real friendship with you.Chances are you're surrounded by people who aren't very friendly. Maybe your own family is too strict with you, but you can still go to the outside world and find people who are willing to be your friends. However, for your future, don't always close yourself, because it's difficult to meet people who can build relationships when you grow up, unless you develop this habit now. Later, the loneliness will become more serious. And as you get older, this lack of contact with the outside world makes you empty and meaningless. Even if others respect you, this feeling will emerge, because this feeling is due to the sense of separation between yourself and others.

Anyway, compared with others, you are very unsociable. If you have only a few friends, what you do may last longer.

The midheaven is 120 degrees to Saturn

As you get older, you will do everything in a systematic and methodical way. You try to take good care of your belongings, and you like to put them in order. In addition, you will use your own things in the best way possible. As you get older, you will be fascinated by the tools and technologies corresponding to your favorite subjects, and you will be proficient in these technologies.Even when you were young, you felt that there were not many things worth having in the world that you could get without effort, but you were willing to work for them. With this understanding, you appear to be more mature than your peers, and you may like to be with older people.

Although you can coexist with others if necessary, you prefer to act alone. In this way, you don't have to worry about whether others' standards are as high as your own. You are very strict with your work, and you will find it difficult to work with people who are not strict. This feature also makes you feel different from others. Sometimes, you even feel that you are not sociable. However, this will not cause you much trouble, because you have enough confidence in yourself. For you, being right is more important than being popular. This attitude will win you the respect of your elders, and you will get along well with your elders and superiors in your life. In the end, you may become a powerful person.

The midheaven is 180 degrees from Saturn

This is a difficult aspect. You will feel lonely and out of group. And you will feel that you have no connotation. If others look at you, will they just see an empty shell. Your ideas are not based on facts, but they will look real when you are in trouble. This means that you need a lot of emotional support from your family. Your mother, or perhaps your father, may be very demanding of you and want you to meet high standards, but will not take care of you emotionally. Even if they support you, you will feel that these are not as effective as others.One possible utility of this aspect is that your social activity may be so strong that it almost seems that you won't persist on your own, and even when you are with others, you will feel lonely. This effect will be more obvious if there are many Planets above the horizon on your chart. You will try to escape the inadequacy you feel from others. However, the best way to get rid of this feeling is to go in, value yourself, and accept everything you have.

You like your environment (including your room and your family) to be clean and tidy. The less obstacles, the better. Others may think your taste is quite rigid and abnormal, but you don't want to have too many cumbersome things besides the necessities.