The phase of Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars are 0 degrees

Although this combination is ostensibly regarded as one of the major sexual combinations, people with this combination tend to be involved in formal emotional problems. The nature of Mars' desire and the charm of Venus will certainly show some form of creativity, and whether this creativity will be conveyed through sex, society or artistic activities depends on other factors in its heavenly chart. This conjunction gives people the most important part of their susceptible nature, so they have a strong love for life and a passion for being moved. If there are other factors in the heavenly chart at the same time, the result of such enthusiasm may be very aggressive, but even if they are aggressive, they can still produce certain charm through the influence of Venus.

Venus is at 60 degrees to Mars

This sextile shows that a person has the characteristics of being happy and full of energy. In particular, it shows the harmony in sexual life. In the marital relationship, the husband and wife also have a harmonious relationship in emotional expression. They are very willing to interact with others, with lively personality and vitality. This division is especially helpful to artists, especially sculptors or other artists who use tools to complete their works. It is also helpful for the business of buying and selling artistic works. Such people are popular everywhere, which also makes their business smooth. These successful businessmen can become rich. They often gain emotional recognition through their marriage partners.

Venus is at 90 degrees to Mars

This separation can cause emotional distress, especially in love and relationships with the opposite sex. They will use the opposite sex or be used by the opposite sex because they want to get sexual satisfaction. Their words and deeds in social occasions lack skills and taste. Their desire is very strong, so unless there are enough checks and balances in the Star Palace, they need to be controlled. Indulgent passion will bring harm to them. A man with this aspect will bully a woman because of his rude behavior, while a woman with this aspect will irritate a man with frequent emotions. Although these people are sensitive, they do not necessarily notice the feelings of others, and their relationship with their families is not close and harmonious.

Venus is 120 degrees to Mars

This phase has the tendency of emotional behavior and art. This kind of person is fun and usually particularly attractive in terms of sex, unless there are opposite factors in the chart. They know how to express their emotions so that they can be good to others at the same time and feel free when they get along with the opposite sex. Venus' sensitivity is influenced by Mars and can be more energetic. Because Mars is willing to give and is more proactive, Venus can effectively express itself. Therefore, these people are not only naturally likable, but also able to fully show their good side.

Venus is 180 degrees from Mars

This phase separation is often caused by “ Sex ” And then affect the relationship with people. These people are very sensitive and often hurt by the slightly unfriendly attitudes and words of others. This dichotomy will have two characteristics depending on the strength of the two planets. If Venus is strong, these people, especially women, will become the abused party. If Mars is strong, these people may use the opposite sex to meet their sexual requirements, but ignore each other's feelings and needs.