The phase of Venus and Saturn

Venus is at 0 degrees to Saturn

This kind of combination is often found in the heavenly palace drawings of talented artists. Saturn gives Venus another form of artistic tendency, the ability to structure and coordinate actual expression, and the patience necessary to pay attention to details. Because Saturn regulates time and space, musicians can get a good feeling of rhythm, harmony and melody. This conjunction also has a mathematical ability, especially with the harmonious cooperation of mercury. This tendency towards harmony and balance constitutes the mental level of Venus. When Saturn and mercury combine on this level, they form a keen observation of harmonious activities under the laws of nature. Their desire for money is manifested outside, and even through marriage and partnership, they will promote their desire to improve their social and financial status.

Venus is at 60 degrees to Saturn

In the astrology chart, this aspect can best express the outstanding skills in art. The trine and conjunction of these planets also have this effect. Saturn brings a more persistent interpretation of Venus' aesthetic values. This kind of people are very loyal to their friends and lovers, and they are strict and consistent in their emotional expression. They are willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the happiness or responsibility of others. People often see elegant and cultured performance as proof. They are formal and polite in social occasions. These people can make money from their professional fields and often have good business skills.

Venus is at 90 degrees to Saturn

This separation will bring melancholy temperament. Emotions often cause interference, resulting in shy or restrained words and deeds. These people will have a little bad luck, which will make them disappointed, frustrated and emotionally unsatisfied. Sometimes these people will be determined to manage in order to get wealth, power and fame. Or, young people will associate with the elderly in order to obtain wealth and social status, and the result is usually an unhappy separation, so it is difficult to exert influence. As artists, these people will have some skills, but lack creative ability, unless the factors on the horoscope can provide help.

Venus is 120 degrees to Saturn

This phase separation frequently appears in artists' star charts, and they have a strong sense of the structure and rhythm of time and space. This phase separation also benefits architects, designers, mathematicians And so on. Their work is usually related to “ Structure ” Relevant, and both aesthetic and practical purposes shall be taken into account. They are loyal friends and will also be good marriage partners, which is due to Saturn's influence, so that they can maintain a long-term and stable relationship. The performance of these two stars at this time can be said to be extremely valuable. It not only retains the beauty and harmony of Venus, but also has the stability and steadiness of Saturn. These people still have the possibility of being too strict or shrinking back, and will be misunderstood as indifferent or irresponsible. However, when these people continue to interact with others, these misunderstandings will eventually be clarified and the relationship will gradually improve.

Venus is 180 degrees from Saturn

This opposition usually leads to depression and difficult economic conditions. These people feel that life is difficult, painful, and cold and hopeless. They usually feel disappointed because Saturn hides the happiness and beauty of Venus. They are cold-blooded by nature. Because they bear a huge burden, they often encounter setbacks. The marriage life of these people is very unhappy. Usually, their marriage is due to economic considerations, but there is no love at all. Their spouse is irresponsible, unfortunate, poor, stern and irritable, and much older than them. Marriage may be late or not. Their parents bring them misfortune because of poverty, indifference and harshness, or force them to shoulder heavy responsibilities when they are minors.