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The impact on the 12 constellations by Mars

Believe in astrology, Mars and Venus representing love and lust. Venus is love and beauty, Mars is the strength and desire, but also self-confidence and courage. Mars bright colors, on behalf of the meaning of "walking person." Mars is purely masculine power, its symbol is the Greek god Mars arrowheads. Octagon battle with Ares, brave and fierce spirit linked, but also represents erect male penis, which means a strong reproductive capacity. Thus, in each person's horoscope, Mars represents the fighting, action strategies, self-advocates, patience and sexuality and so on. Of course, supple qualities and women compared to Mars in a man's horoscope is more important. Woman horoscope Mars qualities, many times the body is not able to show the strength of the parties, but will be projected onto the body of her ideal lover, so naturally attracted to men with the qualities of Mars.

In traditional astrology, Mars is generally considered an auspicious unlucky not troublesome because of the destruction of the negative energy of Mars, often waged war on the spread of chaos. So, in a personal horoscope, Mars also represents violence triggered by anger, quarrels and struggles. The famous astrologer and Jungian psychology researchers believe that if we want to expand the hero's journey of self-growth, it must be by the courage of Mars, from the moon emotional symbiosis with the mother instinct is to live out the self "true individuality."

Therefore, positive energy of Mars, while giving everyone from the cozy comfort of the kinetic energy, help you explore and conquer new areas, break obstacles to overcome challenges. So Mars qualities and strong people, there must be a strong force actions and desires, they are always full of energy, full of strength. Mars in Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, respectively, for "Wang Xiang" and "Rumiao" while in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, then known as "off the trap." Therefore, in general, Mars Aries and Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn Mars sexual desires and actions will force are much more powerful than the other constellations and Mars Libra, Mars Taurus and Cancer Mars appears to lack motivation and who will passion. But this is only relative, not absolute.

Aries Mars
Mettlesome locomotive

Mars in Aries is a Rumiao location, doubling the energy, but also people full of power, things catch on, with vigor, originality, courage and impulse. Therefore Mars into Aries people usually have leadership skills, strong character, but a lack of patience and organizational skills, and sometimes act more blind. Because love competing, and sometimes there will be obsessed with violent tendencies, more irritable temper, but come and go too fast. Mars Aries born wang Temple, also let them naturally became energetic person, whether it is sex or a variety of activities, they are enthusiastic to participate actively run ahead.

Always restless Aries Mars, in the group that is definitely the most active one. However, the physical characteristics for easy to get angry, Mars Aries are the best foods to eat some bland as a buffer.

Taurus Mars
Slow heat skilled craftsmen

Mars in Taurus is off depression, but it reinforces the constellation stubbornness, determination characteristics. Mars in Taurus people stamina is quite strong, very firm, but a bit lazy, and people do not like confrontation. They have a strong desire for money, very pragmatic, and do not waste energy to do unnecessary things. So, they put energy into the specific work. They have dexterous hands, like all kinds of fine movement, they will suddenly due to interference showed a quick temper, so do not easily angered a Mars Taurus, especially Taurus Mars, do not try to threaten their personal territory, they will becomes very strong. Mars in Taurus Hitler, his attack to make the world shake.

Gemini Mars
Curious baby like information

Mars in Gemini people have super sensitive observation, suitable engaged in mental work. They are very active, curious, like argumentative, alert, easily disturbed, especially when speaking easily hurt, rich verbal aggressiveness, preferences debate smart but somewhat impetuous, impatient. Mars twin pairs have a strong interest in many things, the most concerned about national and international events. With information about all the things that will make Mars Gemini lifted the spirit. So Mars Gemini has a keen sense of hounds general information, if engaged in media-related industries, believe that we can show its mettle. Since the idea of ​​instability dictates, they often like to change jobs or living environment. Mars Gemini's sexual desire is not quite that high, they are anything but a superficial curiosity only, for the real feelings, they are quite loyal.

Cancer Mars
Highly sensitive endurance Kid

Mars into Cancer, is losing ground in astrology, which is located in Mars in Cancer, easy to play to their energy. But things are not so absolute, who in spite of Mars into Cancer easily depressed, accustomed to suppress their anger, and sometimes will cause some psychological problems, but also highly sensitive to the body, with endurance. If played properly, there is often a amazing miracle. Many sports stars are Mars Cancer person, such as the Asian trapeze Liu Xiang, the famous master of football Zinedine Zidane.

Leo Mars
Fearless warrior optimism

Mars in Leo is the astrology of Wang Xiang, full of strength. Aries Mars in terms of comparison, a layer of more stamina, so Mars into the lion will surely be full of energy, leadership desires. They are often optimistic and positive attitude towards life and vitality quite strong. They want to do things, it will certainly do everything possible to be done, no matter how many times facing defeat, still go ahead. Very charismatic Mars Leo, like gambling and adventure, they creatively, leadership ability, desire is very strong, in love, jealous and possessive, particularly abundant energy. Sometimes it is inevitable that some opinionated and like to control others. We often some strong characters astrolabe lion found on Mars influence, such as the network industry in recent years, Ma Qi projections, as well as The Forbidden Kingdom Jet Li.

Mars Virgo
Precise and meticulous workaholic

Mars Virgin giving meticulous precision characteristics. They are demanding of themselves and others, like precision and meticulous work, programming, tuning, etc. are suitable for them. By focusing inward expansion, Mars Virgo's energy is hidden fine, rather than the surface of the divergent need to slowly find their merits. For sexual needs, some of them relatively weak. In various ways to pursue their own perfect Mars Virgin is absolute workaholic, often work overtime, sleepless nights working. This makes Mars virgins health is not very good, and sometimes repressed emotions also make them manic, can be appropriate to add some exercise.

Libra Mars
Can not do without companions collaborators

In astrology Mars Libra disadvantaged, the most part is that they need to strengthen the dependence hearts. Mars Libra people are born with great popularity, sociable, very concerned about other people's emotional reactions, sometimes deep in some intimacy unable to extricate themselves. They are very afraid of loneliness, for which they would rather sacrifice themselves to get companions. Because it is not the lack of cooperation of others, Mars Libra often produces feelings of loss. Mars Libra should learn is how to do it yourself independently.

Scorpio Mars
Scrappy challenger

Mars into Scorpio astrology called Rumiao, and so was returned to his home, how much energy you want, there is much effort. This allows people with Scorpio Mars into fearless, all their strength characteristics. And they imbued with absolute power, sometimes very alarming. Their biggest advantage is not afraid of failure and difficulties encountered strong stronger strong fighting spirit, so they tend to victory in the most critical moments. Mars Scorpio people like to fill their time did not have a trace of idle, if not so, you will feel his heart empty,. Their morale sometimes become very strong jealousy, and therefore must not be underestimated challenger.

Sagittarius Mars
Freedom inside maverick

Mars into the shooter who loves freedom and privacy, they focus on their own events, there will be a lasting passion, they are not a matter of concern, it will seem quite impatient. Mars into a person shooter, energy is always very strong, and very durable. They have their own space, these areas belong to themselves. They like to travel around to satisfy their curiosity. The so-called read a trip, precisely because they are a way of perceiving the world. The famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin Mars is located shooter, abundant energy and high morale, so he gains were involved in a number of areas.

Capricorn Mars
Careerist self-discipline full of desire

Mars into Capricorn is the astrology Wang Xiang, has a very abundant energy and fitness, but also better equipped than any other Martian steadfast perseverance and lasting endurance. Their first-class mobility, and improved Mars Mars Aries Leo and aggressive, with a careful and meticulous and demanding attitude, especially for difficult work in arduous. They also often brilliantly through the clutter and make outstanding achievements. Two consecutive U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower illustrious lifetime achievements, Capricorn Mars is a representative figure.

Aquarius Mars
Maverick pioneer

Mars within the heart into the bottle most despised man tradition, unless it is combined in logic. IQ Mars Aquarius, imagination extreme wealth, often in the mind produces many bold and courageous ideas, but also limited to think about it. In reality, their attitudes towards sex, relative alienation and indifference, even people who are very close, they are reluctant to stick very tight. For Mars Aquarius people, the exchange of ideas is more important than the physical exchanges. Advocating maverick desire to Mars Aquarius people ask extreme freedom, but also allow them to highbrow. They never compromise the authority to protect themselves alienated attitude. Deep down, they do not have great creativity, is to have a strong destructive power. Their strong desire to create and reform act, so they often create new achievements, and some even subversive. Great day literary home with amazing genius of Copernicus and courage to uncover the secret of the universe, and laid the modern day literary foundation, making him the history of human scientific development one of the greatest scientists, and he just was a Mars Aquarius people.

Pisces Mars
Highly emotional scenes workers

For sexual sensibility unusual Mars Pisces, the easiest is infected by the atmosphere. Indulge in sexual and sensual, is a major feature of Mars Pisces. Due to the relatively lazy, weak, Mars Pisces people highly emotional, intense emotion instead of intellect often dominate their behavior so that they become impulsive and unpredictable. Since Mars in Pisces is a relatively weak position, so mobility is relatively low. Under normal circumstances, they are more supple, lack of ambition, good with people, some of the behind the scenes work will be quite suitable for them. Other planets have strong guidance, they are not lacking mobility.

Understanding of Mars in the constellation of 12 different effects, the different constellations of you may now wish to stop to consider the following questions:

First, if there is no control over their own bad temper tendencies?

Second, whether accustomed to violent interpersonal?

Third, if frequently carried away, dealing with people cool enough?

Fourth, whether regular exercise?

Please try to refine answer these questions, then the answer together, you can sketch out your influence to bring Mars. Then through the understanding of their horoscope in which the related solar house, the phase with the meaning of the constellation to help fix your goals, then your endeavors ready to come out! Of course, this is a need for long-term adjustment and the planning process, through the satellite dish on the understanding and assistance, you can more clearly define your goals in life. When you are able to get your Mars show positive energy positive enthusiasm, rather than violence, dissatisfaction, you will not be too impulsive and selfish person can not be controlled, thus living out Mars brave enthusiasm, dauntless the incomparable glory.