Constellations: Mars, the top ten planets


Mars is the planet closest to the periphery of the earth, and it also belongs to “ Personal planet ”. Mars is a male and masculine planet, which represents ambition, courage, power, construction, work, struggle, competition and death. Its essence is masculine, hot and dry. Its nature is amphoteric, both dry and wet. Indicates action, aggressive drive, motivation. In terms of characters, it represents male and young.

Its influence includes: it is related to human's beast, desire and sexual energy, and it is also the driving force of the universe. Affect personal consciousness, will to complete, energy that causes disaster, etc. Powerful Mars dominates human energy, animal consciousness, high spirited people, protectors, and idealists. Mars' house in the astrolabe is the area where you can play and do your best.

The totem symbols of Mars compete with Mars' shield and spear. The round shield and arrow shaped protrusion are Mars' spears.

Mars also has relatively responsive parts of the body, such as muscle tissue, external genitalia, head and face, red blood cells, bladder, accessory kidney, and motor nerve. The diseases represented are inflammation and acute fever, infection, surgery, muscle and reproductive problems, bleeding, blood diseases, infectious diseases.

The positive characteristics of Mars are: brave, motivated, majestic, enterprising, expert, energetic, measured, highly spiritual, independent.

Mars' negative characteristics are: destructive, belligerent, irritable, spontaneous, vulgar, ironic, abnormal, cruel, superficial, quarrelsome.

The constellations guarded by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. In Capricorn, it is prosperous, in Libra and Taurus, it is losing power, and in cancer, it is falling.

The formula of Mars is: “ Motivation ”.