What constellation girls could have goddess temperament?

First: Libra

The goddess temperament:★★★★★

Libra girls behave quite elegant, words and deeds are also very generous and decent. On Libra girl's body, you could not find any fickleness nor haste, their calm, quiet and elegant characters make them like goddess. They could often make a lot of boys indulge in the meantime. They have a friendly attitude and keep smiling all the time, they are the beauty of God's incarnation with extraordinary taste. They could make people wish to get close to them.

Second: Virgo  

The goddess temperament:★★★★☆

Although Virgo girls do not have the instinctive elegance like Libra, however they are very strict to themselves. They try best to strive for perfection. Virgo girls are very quiet and gentle, they would like to beome beautiful as goddess. So they would make desperate effort to learn to build this kind of deportment. So it is not difficult for them to have Goddess temperament.

Third: Cancer

The goddess temperament:★★★★

Cancer is the most motherly constellation, they naturally emit a kind of generous temperament to be a motherly model of the nation. Even if they were born low, they could produce an attitude to be neither overbearing nor servile, they have forbidding extravagance. Cancer girls are just sacred and inviolable like the goddess. They have commanding presence and generous style.

Fourth: Pisces

The goddess temperament:★★★☆

Gentle Pisces girls are easy to get along. They have a very dreamy temperament. They naturally like endless fantasy, and they are very romantic and gentle, so that others could not resist. Pisces girls' singular charm would also make people feel that they are dreamlike as the goddess.

Fifth: Leo

The goddess temperament:★★★

Leo girls have super taste, their generousness and pageantry carry them to the top of 12 constellations. Leo girls like to wear gorgeous jewelry. They attach great importance to the quality of life, and they naturally show a taste of extraordinary temperament. They have an irresistible queenly style. They like to order people about.