what girls could be lucky by horoscope?

The First Place: Jupiter constellation is in Libra

In the astrolabe of native Chinese horoscope year, girls whose Jupiter fell in the Libra would be typically lucky people. Maybe they have only ordinary appearance and figure, even not good education, family background and general work, but they could marry the handsome, rich, gentle and loyal husband. And the father-in-law and mother-in-law would be all very good to them, and would care and love them very like their own children. They also could have smart and sensible children. In short, Jupiter Libra women could have almost perfect marriage life. Such a good fortune will never happen to the others.

The Second Place: Saturn constellation is in Pisces

If the Saturn constellation fell in Pisces, the women would also be very lucky. There were born to be carried by all hands, parents, relatives and friends would love them so much. They could meet their needs either mentally or materially. They could get parents' love and care at home; get teachers and students' care in the school; get the leadership and colleagues' attention and help. Saturn Pisces women seemed to be born to enjoy life, they do not have to worry about themselves, there will be people to arrange for them, which is really to let a person envy.

The Third Place: Moon constellation is in Sagittarius

If the Moon constellation fell in Sagittarius, thw women would bitter first, sweet later. They might encounter a lot of trouble and the ups and downs in the first half of life, and might subject to unfair treatment. But they were born with good luck, when they encountered difficulties and crisis, they would always get elegant aid to resolve trouble and disputes. They would become more strong and brave. With more and more rich experience of life,coupled with their own hard work and pay, they would eventually make their success. If the moon constellation fell in Sagittarius, the women would undergo more baptism and blessing than others.