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What women have strong woman character and are difficult to have happiness through Palmistry

We have been saying what kind of palmistry most quebracho, but did not say how to resolve quebracho today to talk about if there Quebrada palmistry how to resolve this?

Traditional view that criminal grams palmistry marriage of women, to put forward some of these women nei palmistry, strong personality, might help the cause , but the male self-esteem is high, the addition by the traditional concepts, most difficult to swallow, such female marriage so often out of the situation.

For these women, the way to resolve marital crisis, they experience seen, first, to find a woman willing to let your big little man, and second, to find himself completely adore admire the man, putting you willing to do his little woman.

One, two business lines

There are two business lines, or even three lines of business, from the bottom of the palm straight friends, and his career like gangbusters, young, standing ambition to move forward, the cause may be multifaceted development, coupled with the way available honored to help in the way of life, both have the money and power.

Such palmistry woman, personality is more masculine, is typical of the woman, a rare happy marriage. Seen a woman of such business lines, two-year-old had fling things tidy, her boyfriend turn iron into steel and gas does not make progress, often severe urge, only her boyfriend but when riding a motorcycle in a rain, caused the death ride into City, lament!

Two, the business line rising from the bottom of the palm

Business lines, a rise from the bottom of the palm of a friend, and his worry about not working hard labor and have always been, if coupled with the sun lines show deep, more fulfilled life smooth sailing possibilities.

Women have this this business line, have a more masculine, although the ability to stabilize the business, but had a hard life, fortune and personality as strong and are often unable to be willing to dull marriage life, but if late marriage, married men and many small participate in public welfare activities, so you win fortune to play at, but will family life harmony.

Three, the sun long straight lines and branch lines extending

Such lines are mostly favored the sun, greatly beneficial to career development, the men have their drawbacks, particularly suitable to career development, to an official or do the media industry, can have dominion.

Women have such a phase is a strong woman, although can Maldives Hing home, but also wins patriarchal. Marry fortune will listen to your words, the weaker the Guaiguai Pai husband, is a better way to avoid marital problems. In addition, if the support to grow grain, as shown in blue dashed out into the fingers, then the elderly lonely and helpless.

Four, the sun line starting from the second Mars Hill

You are very hard-working, able to quietly trying to lay the foundation for a career, this palmistry you, though because the mouth is not sweet, elegant transportation or popularity is not strong, but due to a deep spirit of Hakka stiff neck, but also a little bit to win around and Executive trust. You will be in middle age, career gradually the situation improves. Have this sun-line friends, regardless of boys and girls, marriage knot may get into, but difficult to get a home of happiness.

Such sun line of women, old books that toil hard to enjoy life Fufu, on practical examples seen, really is not an exception, or do not marry, or to President is not responsible for, women have this palmistry, the see adjust better way is to change the self-expectations of marriage, but asked to pay, not attached to the results together own meaning, but the family along into harmony.

Five, off the palm

Who have been successful, off the palm ratio is high, both hands off the palm and face good friend, more than a big achievement. Off the palm by subjectivity strong dedication heavy, not like others to interfere with their way of life. Fortune general ups and downs, he walks rich and wonderful.

Women have this phase, more than a man of ambition, bright personality, very keen on working, doing things altogether tidy, but the lack of interest in love, like interference husband, often forget to worry each other's position and feelings, it is difficult for men home There wife's warmth, the higher the probability of occurrence of family problems.

Six, two wisdom lines

You have a dual capacity, bold but cautious, diverse nature of the work can be done, but also more than a dual personality, smooth and slick, style charm quite attractive. Palmistry have this friend, a party can often become tyrants. Men have this palm can grasp the huge power and wealth.

This palmistry rare, representing professional women who will see, has nei pride, many men at work in the dragon, will soon be able to fling, but the husband and the children's fate is thinner, marriage and children born with and without more, to maintain a happy marriage, must come up with more sincere heart and dedication heart.