What women have strong woman character and are difficult to have happiness through Palmistry

We've been talking about what kind of palmistry is the best, but we haven't said how to resolve it. Today we'll talk about how to resolve it if there is a palmistry?

Women's palms, which are traditionally considered to be a marriage of punishment and restraint, are mentioned here. These women are not as good as men and have strong personality, which may help their career, but men have high self-esteem and are mostly affected by traditional ideas, so they are mostly difficult to swallow their anger. Therefore, this kind of female marriage often happens.

As for this kind of women, the way to resolve the marriage crisis, from experience, is to find a little man who is willing to let you be a big woman, and the other is to find a man who fully admires you and let you be his little woman.

1、 Double business line

There are two career lines, or even three career lines. A friend who goes straight from the bottom of his hand has a strong career in his life. At a young age, he is determined to move forward bravely. His career can develop in many aspects. In addition, he can get the help of noble people all the way. On the way of life, he has both wealth and power.

This kind of palmist woman has a masculine personality. She is a typical strong woman, and her marriage is rare to be happy. A woman who has seen such a career line has shown her head at the age of 20. She works neatly. She hates iron and steel and is angry with her boyfriend. She often urges her severely. Unexpectedly, when her boyfriend rode a motorcycle in the rain, she rode into a dead city. It's very sad!

2、 The career line rises from the bottom of the palm

Career line is a friend who rises from the bottom of his hand. He doesn't worry about not having a job all his life. He can always get something from hard work. If he adds the deep show of the sun line, he will realize the possibility of smooth sailing in life.

Women have this career line, and their personality is more masculine. Although they have the ability to stabilize their career, they have worked hard all their life. Due to their strong fortune and personality, they are often unable to be willing to a plain marriage life. However, if they can marry later, marry a little man and participate in more public welfare activities, their fortune can be brought into play, but it will help the family life to be harmonious.

3、 The sun line is long and straight and extends out of the branches

This kind of sun line belongs to the favored ones of heaven, which is greatly conducive to the development of career. Men have it all the way. It is especially suitable for the development of official career, becoming an official or media industry, and being in power.

Women have this kind of appearance. They are strong women. Although they can promote the family on behalf of their husband, they also seize the power of their husband. Marrying a good husband who is less fortunate and will listen to you is a better way to avoid problems in marriage. In addition, if the long branch lines, like the blue dotted line in the figure, stretch into the finger seam, the elderly are lonely and helpless.

4、 The solar line starts from the second Martian hill

You are very hardworking and can lay a good foundation for your career silently. Although you are not popular with noble people because of your unsweetened mouth, you can also win the trust of people around you and officials bit by bit because of your deep Hakka hard neck spirit. Your career will gradually turn around after middle age. Friends with this kind of sun line, whether boys or girls, may get married, but it is difficult to get the happiness of the family.

For women with this kind of solar line, the ancient books believe that it is difficult to enjoy their husband's happiness through hard work in their life. For the examples they have actually seen, there is really no exception. Either they don't get married or their husband is not responsible. For women with this palm, the better way to adjust is to change their self expectation for marriage, but ask for pay, don't stick to it, and the result is satisfactory to themselves. On the contrary, family coexistence turns into harmony.

5、 Broken palm

Successful people have a high proportion of broken hands. Friends who have both broken hands and a good face have made great achievements. Those who break their hands are highly subjective and enterprising. They don't like others to interfere with their way of life. Fortune generally fluctuates greatly, which is richer and more wonderful than ordinary people.

Women have this kind of attitude, have the ambition of men, have a bright personality, are keen on work and do things neatly, but they lack interest in love, like to interfere with their husband, and often forget to worry about each other's position and feelings. Therefore, it is difficult to give a man a warm feeling of a beautiful wife at home, and the probability of family problems is high.

6、 Double wisdom line

You have dual abilities, bold but careful. You can do work of different nature. You also have dual personality. You are exquisite and charming. A friend with this palm can often become a bully. Men have this kind of Palmprint and can master huge power and wealth.

This palmistry is rare and is more likely to be seen in professional women. It has the heroism that women don't let men down. It is more of a dragon and Phoenix in work and can soon show its head. However, it has a weak relationship with her husband and children, and there are many late marriages and no children. To maintain the happiness of marriage, we must show more sincerity and dedication.